20Q Game 24

Started for @John.S.Mill

I’ve been thinking after VA’s tough tough items, what if we used simpler items and the creator was allowed to lie on one answer?

That’s a good idea. But I won’t use it for this round.

okay I have something.

may or may not be easier or harder than VA’s. no idea.

Q# Poster Question Answer


Is it a physical object? (ie. a collection of matter within a defined contiguous boundary in three-dimensional space)

Ah I see we’ve added VA qualifiers to our questions. LOL

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it’s like making a deal with a witch!

  1. SV Is it a physical object? Yes

couldn’t get the table to work. so I resorted to brute force like a good actuary


Is it something commonly found in a residence?

Do an excel table and copy and paste. I think that’s what I did

I didn’t find the table any easier to read than a list. Do whatever is easy.

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Yeah whatever is easiest. I found maintaining a table out side and pasting it easiest but others might do something different.

I just quoted myself to get the prior questions into my post and then deleted the “quote” stuff. :woman_shrugging:

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That’s what i did. I multiquoted to get the new questions, too. That’s why mine were worded identically to how they were asked.

I’m having trouble multi-quoting. I used to know how to do it, but now when I try the first quote gets deleted. It’s a major annoyance with this site.

Hmm, i use my phone. I selected that bit and clicked the quote button that popped up.

Then i clicked the little triangle below my keyboard to see enough to find my next quote…

Then i selected some more with my finger, and clicked the quote button again.

I’ve never had a problem with it.