2030 FIFA World Cup Discussion

Will it be the bribing Saudis or how about FOUR hosts in South America “where football was born.” (I think they mean “where the World Cup was born.”)

I think three are too many, and, heck two are too many. Hosting means you are exempt from qualifying, and we don’t need more than one country exempt from qualifying. But, the 2026 winning bid now opens the door to whole continents exempt!

Again, as long as not too many new stadiums are built on the backs of slave labor or poor countries’ budgets, I don’t see the issue. Should cut that bid down to Uruguay and Paraguay IMO.

So just the Guays. Maybe 2034 could be the Gals (Portugal and Senegal)


I think we’ve reached the point where mega-events like the World Cup (especially with the expansion in the number of entrants) and Olympics have become so expensive, etc. that multi-country hosting provides a way to make such events viable for a broader range of countries to host.

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