2026 World Cup Qualifying Prediction Contest - Interest? Help?

On the old AO, I ran a crazy WC qualifying contest for the 2014 or 2018 WC where the players had to guess the score of every single WC qualifying game. I’d like to do that again for the 2026 WC, but I’d figure I’d check to see if there was (1) interest [would like to have 6+ entrants] and (2) someone willing to be a co-host with me to run it. A lot of the set up work would be from the end of the 2022 WC until February of 2023. If qualifying runs like it normally does, it’ll start in March 2023 and run through November 2025 or March 2026. I’m likely to have a couple of surgeries and possibly a move in there, so I want to make sure it’s going to keep running before I start it.