2024 Spring Meeting June 23 - 26

Lets see who’s going this year
A bit closer to me, so I will be driving or taking the train in on Sunday

Sunday 5:00 PM Mix -n- mingle
Monday Yoga prior to event
Monday post meetings another Mix -n- mingle
Tuesday Fun Run in the AM

This will be my second time in Baltimore for an SOA meeting. It was a fun town. I went to the Orioles game the last time. I got eaten by the mascot.

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I will be there

I believe no one else from my company, so no obligations.
Orioles are home Monday and Tuesday, so will decide day of based on weather

In the area a lot, but have never taken in a game there - maybe will where a yankees cap

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i went too bc some really cool dude bought me a ticket!

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I’ll be there. Not sure about obligations at this time. Too early.

Why do we have two big meetings in Maryland this year?

easy train ride for me and kid in the area, so good for me


I might be up for a game but won’t know for a while. At least I understand baseball.

I signed up yesterday. Doing both the early AM events (Monday Yoga and Tuesday fun run)