2024 Raises Poll

Its that time of the year again…how big was your annual raise?

  • 0% <= x < 2%
  • 2% <= x < 4%
  • 4% <= x < 6%
  • 6% <= x < 8%
  • 8% <= x < 10%
  • x >=10%
  • 42%

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How is bonus supposed to fit in here?

My raise was slightly north of 4%. I expected my bonus to be X. It was 1.4X. My annual salary plus my expected bonus was Y, my increased salary plus my actual bonus was 1.1Y. How do I answer the poll?

Is your bonus a function of performance and a target%? I’d answer based on change in salary and target%.

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I don’t think I’ll count it. Most of it is tied to company performance and not individual performance. It was a lucky outcome that I have very little influence over, and next year could easily be a negative result if I count it that way.

Apologies, I have been trying to add in an extra poll to the post but I am not getting anywhere.

Raises only for this thread. I think we covered bonuses on a separate thread last year as well.


i count total comp year over year as (sal+bonus).

I am totally buying whatever sewing machine I want this year! (or paying for yr 1 of college…)


Poll results are good news. I just put out 10% raises which seems in line with what’s out there… I feel it could’ve been more, and will be next year…trying to get them to the point where it’s absurd for them to think of going somewhere else.

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Do you also pay out bonuses?

I generally get about an additional 8 to12% as a bonus, but do not consider this to be a “raise” as it’s not a guarantee each year.

Oddly enough, we don’t know what our bonuses will be till about mid-March (a bit after our financial results are reported publicly), but pay gets decided around end January.

Going to be interesting this year (pay & bonus), as I am expecting more people than usual to put in their notices after bonus day in order to move to another company for a possible promotion and higher pay.

I think we covered this in another thread, but because people are working till older now, there are only so many senior positions available for promotion every year, and advancing under that structure can be very frustrating for the people wanting to break into the upper levels of management.

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My company had stellar results but the most senior leadership tried to pass it off like we didn’t internally (but not externally, which was interesting to watch…)

Alas, YE was decent for me but I’d had low expectations from all their expectations setting. My team did worse though, despite fighting the good fight :frowning:

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No raise, but a really good bonus. I am an old dude, so ok with that
If I was a student, I would want to increase the base salary

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Just got my merit raise info. Works out to almost exactly 3.5%

Sadly this is the highest merit raise I’ve ever received in my decade long career


So you’re saying there’s a trend

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