2024 NFL Football Thread



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Not gonna lie, that class action and verdict seem kinda dumb. I don’t see why they can’t distribute their own product on any platform they choose.

Also, it isn’t even a debate. Strawberry is the GOAT.

Tua: “Wow, that’s pretty interesting and pretty good for me…”
Dolphins: “Holy F&$^! We have to beat that now?”
Tua: “Yuup!”

Dolphins: “Russell Wilson should be available again soon”

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Yeah, there could be options. Deshaun Watson, Justin Fields, Dak Prescott, Kirk Cousins, Geno Smith, etc all could be available. But you know the fan base wants a Tua extension, as he’ll play this year on his 5th year club option.

If I were Tua, I would hold out if I were franchised next year. Given the injuries he’s had (and returned from), no 1 year deal is worth considering.

I guess by my own logic, the 5th year club option he is set to play on is not worth showing up for either, even at $23M.

OK, the dish on NFL cafeterias!

Probably one of the factors in deciding to leave a team, or to join another one. Some teams simply don’t care about that, and think they’re saving money for their billionaire. Losing games is ok, apparently.

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That last sentence is not consistent with the fact that KC is near the bottom. One would think that the Chefs would live up to their name. (Great googily moogily.)


RN! (One of my favorites!)

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New kickoff rules might lead to a lot of different kickoff styles.

“The rules basically incentivize you to kick the … weirdest, s—tiest kicks you can kick,” one NFL special teams coach told The Athletic. “Any ball that can hit the ground is now artificial hangtime. And so the rules are incentivizing variations of squibs and wild kicks. And it’s going to be a s— show.”

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Can’t read that… will research the change. I did manage to get a screenshot that indicated the Chiefs are experimenting with a rugby player in light of the new rules.

Here’s a free article on the same topic:

Try this … http://pdf.fivefilters.org/makepdf.php?v=2.6&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.nytimes.com%2Fathletic%2F5613482%2F2024%2F07%2F18%2Fnew-nfl-kickoff-rules-2024-strategies%2F&api_key=&mode=multi-story&output=pdf&template=A4&images=1&date=1&sub=&title=Your+Personal+Newspaper&order=desc&date_start=&submit=Create

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Just do away with the kickoff at this point. Start with the ball on the 20 or 25…trying to be innovative while protecting players isn’t working.

I think the “start at 4th and 20 somewhere on the field” is the way to go. Team can punt from there or go for it. Without the chance to keep the ball, a team behind cannot catch up, and the rest of the game is not worth playing due to the potential injuries.

Punts have the same injury issue as kickoffs: [much] higher percentage of concussions and ACL tears relative to the frequency of such plays.

I don’t know of a way to fix that without fundamentally altering the play itself, and the current proposal for kickoffs is going to be difficult to implement with punts and still make it feel like part of the game.

Time to take the “Foot” out of Football.

R.I.P. future Devin Hesters

Like taking the “apple” out of Applebee’s by having nothing on the menu with apples.

Old (Rebel Forum) saying: You don’t go to Appleby’s for the food.

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Can’t argue with that!