2024 NFL Draft Football Draft thread

The Carolina Panthers Chicago Bears are now on the clock…


Wait, is this the thread for the National Football League Draft? Or is this a thread for the Football Draft for the National Football League Draft? Cause if it’s a thread for the latter, … I have questions.

Is there a draft in here? Did someone open a window?

I tried to be as detailed and specific as I could

Mods, please change thread title to …Finalv1.xlsx


What if I have a draft beer while working on a mock draft while reading the NFL Draft Football Draft thread

And open a window

And have a third party wire you a sum of money.

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And find your self all of a sudden serving in the military

All while creating a technical drawing or plan, outlining dimensions and details of a structure or object.

And while trying not to get bumped out of line while racing at Talladega


2 years in a row going into the offseason with the #1 pick. Just need 1 more to secure dynasty status. I BELIEVE!


Da Bears!

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Do you be-LIEEEEEEVE in life after Fields?

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When it goes off topic it will be the 2024 NFL Draft Football Drift thread.