2024 MLB Baseball Thread


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red sox beat yankees 3-0 on sunday night baseball. game time was 2:33. Red Sox starting pitcher threw 29 pitches total in innings 2-5. pulled after 7 with 68 pitches thrown.

before pitch clock and speed up rules these teams would take at least 4 hrs and it was excrutiating.


I played with a guy in a Sunday league who did it.

I was at the game when Cubs reliever Kyle Farnsworth kicked something in the dugout and ended up on the DL with a broken toe or something. So nearly the same thing, just that the anger was vented through a different appendage.

He was mystifying to watch. He threw 100mph with movement on his pitches, but his ERA was like 4.80 as a Cub. He seemed to get tagged a lot.

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Jesse Chavez had been all around the league. Usually he’s been bad, but somehow the Braves know how to use him. His last 5.seasons, poached from elsewhere


worst National Anthem ever

People still listen to those? I FF through them. I also prefer to wait out in the hallways until they’re done if at a sports even in person.
It’s a loyalty test, and fuck those graders.

Sports radio was going through their list of ones that were worse this morning. I don’t know if you put her in a different category because you were never sure she wasn’t going for laughs or revenge for laughter, but Roseanne Barr’s was worse. Carl Lewis’s was worse in multiple ways. Most screwed up form for a start. Plus he gets extra points taken away for saying “I’ll make it up to you” or something like that before definitely not making it up to anyone. They mentioned others, but I haven’t heard them all.

Barr was intentional (or predictable). Lewis was presumably a sincere attempt that was laughably dreadful.

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This woman was supposedly a professional singer, and we need to debate if she was worse than Barr and Lewis.

From what I heard with Barr is she intended to do it straight and got scared and put it over the top.

Lewis was sincere, this was worst. Many like Christine Aguilera missed verses or words, but their actual singing wasn’t this bad

It was up there, but I think Rosanne Barr is still the number 1 spot.

Again: the only reason we do the national anthem is for a show of patriotism and to make people feel obligated to participate in the sham show, where if we got rid of it before sporting events entirely people would get over it after about a week and a half of largely faux outrage.


Hey, if we get rid of the National Anthem, then the Brewers have to get rid of that stupid sausage race! That’s a disgrace to the stadium we call Wrigley North!

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Apparently she has now claimed that she was drunk, and is entering rehab

So was the one who sang the anthem last night!

Geez, whatta the odds?

And where can I bet on it?


Good job manfred, wait until a whole bunch of players get suspended (and your best ump, Pat Hoburg) and then wake up to see the problem everyone else saw a mile away

Mike Trout may only be 32, but if asked to bet on whether he’d play more or less than 162 games the rest of his career I’m tempted to take the under.