2024 Exam 9 Progress Thread

I got my ATT a few minutes ago.

Did y’all get yours and get a reasonable day you were hoping for?

I got it last night, not many options but found one locally next week. The only other option I found was for this Thursday which wouldn’t have been ideal for trying to cram in everything again.

Did you find anything decent?

I hear you there for sure. I haven’t been studying since May 1st with everything up in the air and need to refresh.

I selected next week as well on Wednesday.

I ended up with an evening timeslot at a center 30 minutes away. Not ideal, but I had a couple dates to choose from.

How’s it going out there?

For those that have retaken, how was your exam experience at Pearson Vue? (Nothing NDA related/specific to the exam. Just asking if it was a smooth experience with the computer/testing environment compared to May 1st.)

No issues other than the new format.

I still can’t believe they thought it was a good idea. It really adds 20+minutes at least

I wonder when they’ll have these things graded for this sitting since it affected all of the exams instead of just Exam 5 like in 2018.

Usually we’re around June 20th plus or minus a few days. But who knows now…

The new format is truly insane. Good luck with time management when the exam is presented in random order so you can’t tell how much progress you’ve made. And each subpart may or may not be its own question, so again you really have no idea how far along you are.

And typically the point of question subparts are that they are somehow related. Making the answer to part a inaccessible while you’re trying to answer part b is just crazy. What is the solution to this new problem that was needlessly created? Use a scratchpad with limited (at best) functionality.

We used to get a sheet that said, this exam is X points and Y questions. And it’d be presented in order and stick closely to the estimated syllabus weights. So you knew if you were falling behind or if you had a little extra time.

I guess I could go the navigator screen, write down the point totals on my dry erase notebook, add them all up, and cross my fingers that the navigation screen doesn’t cause the computer to crash.

My guess is that exam graders complained that the answers were too hard to find within an unstructured worksheet. So they implemented this “solution” with no consideration whatsoever on the impact to the exam taker.