2024 Exam 9 Progress Thread

Which email did they tell you to send the grievance to?

Login to the CAS website → toggle over Exams &Admissions → Syllabus of Basic Education → 2024 Syllabus of Basic Education → go to page 33-34 of the pdf. On page 34 there is a link to access the “Exam Process Grievance Submission Form”

Login to the CAS website → toggle over Exams &Admissions → Syllabus of Basic Education → 2024 Syllabus of Basic Education → go to page 33-34 of the pdf. On page 34 there is a link to access the “Exam Process Grievance Submission Form”

I saw the website post from the CAS. Any updates that anyone has received from them or heard?

Here’s the link to their website in case folks missed their email yesterday addressing the three overall scenarios. I don’t see any updates since yesterday quite yet.

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I see an update has been made about retakes with a further update scheduled on Monday from the CAS on details.


I don’t think any solution is going to be perfect. I finished my exam and don’t really want to gamble on a retake.

I ended up losing 5+ minutes, so ideally for me, I’d rather keep my exam and get an adjustment for technical issues. I think there were so many different levels of failure that it would be difficult to administer something like that fairly.

Choice 1: keep your completed/partially completed exam during which you experienced significant technical difficulties / delays

Option 2: take a new exam in an unknown time frame of questionable origins after you are burned out from the first attempt and used all of your family time/life already and they are done with you being consumed by this bullshit

The CAS just confirmed it is candidate vs candidate not candidate vs the material. The fact we have strayed so far from 2018 where they apologized immediately and offered to take any passing grade is hilarious. If you passed either exam that means you are the elusive “MCQ”. Now you need to beat out 70% of the other candidates in your sitting or it doesn’t count.

What a travesty

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Looks like based on the Town Hall today that we should be seeing an announcement from the CAS around 1pm regarding their follow-up anticipated today. I’m assuming that’s 1pm Eastern.

In case anyone didn’t get a chance to listen or be there.

Looks like the website has been updated with a detailed FAQ. I haven’t gotten a personal email yet, has anyone else?

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I received and submitted my form to request a re-take, just waiting on the authorization to test and schedule.

The window is decent but I’m still worried about availability at my local centers. Originally my only option was the 8am 5/1 time slot, no other dates or times were even available

Once I have that set at least I can try and make a study re-schedule.

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I haven’t gotten an email yet. Do you mind telling me what time you got that email in terms of Eastern time?

2:10 EST

If you weren’t getting the update emails I’d go in to your profile to make sure it’s right, or call them

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Thanks for sharing that.

I was getting the update emails. But maybe it’s just taking time since the email is a bit specific to each person based on the number of test responses they received. Or at least I infer from Friday’s message on their site.

I guess I’ll just wait it out some today. I tried calling but their operator didn’t have much info.

I didnt get the email - I was getting the update emails - I think they’re sending it in batches

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That makes sense. Thanks for saying that. I was getting nervous.

I’m sure this has had us all nervous.

What did y’all think about the FAQ they released?

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I was kinda surprised that they would still grade the first attempt if someone decides to retake.

On the one hand that’s fair, on the other there will be no downside in going for a retake (apart from it being inconvenient ofc). I think it may result in more people retaking and less slots available.

I was leaning toward not retaking since I think I did okay despite losing time. I didn’t want to risk doing worse on a retake, so I’m glad they decided to grade the first sitting regardless.

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Anyone get their ATT? The window opens Wednesday and I’m concerned about finding availability.

There was no communication on when to expect it to come.

The email said 36 hours after requesting. And that people who couldn’t sit at all should have gotten it automatically yesterday.

I got my ATT a few minutes ago.

Did y’all get yours and get a reasonable day you were hoping for?