2024 Exam 7 Progress Thread

Welcome all my fellow guinea pigs to the 2024 sitting of Exam 7!

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I checked the CAS website for the new weights on the readings and found this gem!


I’m in. Two 5s, COVID, and time away from exams. Ready to come back and knock out these stupid FCAS exams and be done with it!

Let’s do this!!!

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Benktander down once more. Easy topic but was nice to zoom through the problems with minimal mistakes. I have a tendency to get caught up using ultimates when I should be looking at reserves.

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In for this. Friedland is a new paper on this exam?

I’ve been at this since about early November?
I had taken a year off after getting my ACAS so coming back to this has been torture… I’ve been using Rising Follows and up until recently I was just doing a initial first pass through the material, not even really doing practice problems.

Finally going back and actually doing problems now, but that exam date looming overhead has me worried I may have wasted a bunch of itme.

I just checked my notes on my work computer and Friedland was on the exam and it replaced the Patrick paper

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Hi everyone! I see some of you have used both TIA and CF/RF to prepare. Also TIA instructor has changed for this course, as I am aware from prior year’s posts that some people did not like TIA in the past. Any recommendations for study material I should consider to prepare for exam 7? Have you noticed any improvements in TIA? Thanks in advance and good luck everyone!

Okay, apparently BattleActs has an Exam 7 course now?
Given how good their course for 6 was I’m tempted to use my own money to buy it, even though I’m already using RF…

You know what, I’m gonna go for it and buy the Battleacts course.
I’ll try to report back to you all in a week or so with my thoughts.

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Can you please let me know your thoughts on it?

Okay, I need to retract my earlier statements. I do still think that the layout of the material is good and I love the way BA handles practice problems and quizes, but after completing the Teng & Perkins article and comparing it to the source material, I noted a couple instances of misleading information in the BA course.

As an example: there is a question which states “What is the approximation for PDLD_1?”
The answer given is the approximation of the [(BP/L1) * TM] term, which is NOT the actual full PDLD_1 formula.

I plan to report any errors I notice as I go through and I imagine they will be ironed out over time, but please keep this kind of thing in mind.

Ideally, I think using both RF and BA would be ideal, but if you can only use one, I’d say stick with RF simply because there shouldn’t be any errors.

Original post:
Initial impressions are very positive.
They’re still implementing features like the infinite practice problems, but the way the articles are written is MUCH more preferable compared to Rising Fellows, imo.

I also feel like the organization of the material is alot better. The Battleacts Course helps to connect the various readings better, which is likely ESPECIALLY important given CAS’s focus on IQ problems as of late.

I haven’t gotten very far, but unless the later articles are a significant drop in quality, I’d say it’s worth the $425 they’re charging


After reading the Venter paper (at least the RF version of it) it seems that there are only tests for Mack’s 1st and 2nd assumption. Why are there no ways to test assumption 3 (other than the one test Mack proposes)?

Could this be my way to get onto the syllabus?

Thank you, can you please review about Battleacts exam 7. Started to do planning now. Might consider purchasing it. I think TIA is still under construction. Are materials completed in Battleacts already? How the quiz/tests?

The cas now has exam 7 questions that are going to follow the new question formats on the pearson vue website

Is three months doable for exam 7? Started late this time and not sure if I should attempt. I can try to spend an hour or two on weekdays and a few hours over the weekend. Also, for the ones using RF/CF seminar, do you watch the review videos for each paper in one go? I miss the TIA videos that are usually broken into multiple shorter ones, and it felt easier for me to track my progress.

IMO you would probably need more than an hour or two each day if you are starting now. The good news is that the syllabus is shorter so it is now easier to learn everything than it was in the past.

Thank you. I definitely should try to spend more hours on weekdays. Kid and other family obligations have taken most of my time besides work.

Did anyone look at the sample questions that the CAS released?

If you looked at the sample questions for 7, what paper is the question about KRIs from?