2024 College Football Discussion

Congrats to the Mutants with the blades on their hands.
Guessing the way too early is already up at ESPN (it is!), but there is a more important matter to discuss: how many in each conference will make the Helluva Twelvulla?
Ok, I’ll guess first:
4 each from the Super 2. That’s pessimistic
One each from Meh 2.
Last two are fillers from no one cares, unless ND has less than two losses. Then only one who cares.

The way-too-early, obviously made a few days, possibly a whole week, before this game ended.

Again, there are 25 here, but the top 12 are the only ones that matter. So, now we will likely 95% sure, IMO) get four conference title winners, at least the next one or two in the SuperPowers Two. then, the rest are random teams for them to play against that won’t matter except the thrill of playing one more dangerous game, risking their pro careers.
Teams that do this “steal other players” business right steal O-Line. Lots of O-Line. Strong and deep O-lines will (should) attract top attention whores, I mean, ball-handlers. Will (should) at least attract the smart ones, assuming such athletes who might or might not go to the school they rep still exist.

The epiphany will soon arrive that a player does not, at least in College Football, have to play every down. The backups are just as good for relieving for a set of downs, and they’ll get their TV reps, important for their pro careers and tiktok money. Top teams will have two sets of top players. The rest of the College Football will have to make do with the scrubs.
I can also see, deeper in to the future, ten or so top programs get together with the Saudi Fund to make their own conference and showcase their games on AppleTV or MuskTV, Or TruthSocial cuz money.

SEC is guaranteed at least 4: Georgia, Bama, Texas, and whatever team ends up winning (virtually assured by combinatorics to exist).

B1G will have 5: Michigan, Washington, Penn State or Oregon, the scrubs from Columbus, and another team that does well by virtue of someone has to win some games.

Saw this ranking and thought it pretty good


Notre Dame’s new challenge: how to go 8-4 and still argue about deserving a place in the 12-team CFP.


Rankings forgot undefeated Illinois


I’d rather not keep up with all this transportal stuff, if this is going to happen on the daily.
Fixed, I think, no matter what it says here.
Story is about UNLV QB deciding, one day after transportaling to UGA, decides on USC.

Saban retiring

Same age as Pete C.

Darth hoodie is only 1 year younger. However he likely wants the NFL coaching wins record first, and he’ll break the current tie and eat the coaching losses record to do it

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And the coaching carousel continues. AZ’s Fisch to WA after DeBoer goes to Bama.

If they expand to 14 teams and go with the 3-3-2-2-1 format is it really trying to get the best teams into the playoffs to find the champion? Seems like others have said, this then becomes an invitational tournament not a national championship tournament.

Three new rules for college football in 2024.

  1. Helmet communication
  2. Tablet use on field and halftime
  3. 2 minute warning

Adding a 2 min warning is just a money grab. Grab an extra 4 commercials for every half of every game played on TV.

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I didn’t see anything about speeding the game up any either. I saw an article written at the beginning of last season that said the average game lasted 3:22. Many games only get 3 hours of air time to begin with. They need to use a running clock and only stop it for injuries, time-outs and reviews. Even that would probably not help as much as I would like. But if they did that, and the coaches bitch and moan, give them an extra timeout in each half.

I don’t know anyone who would believe that adding a 2 minute warning is anything but a money grab.

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There’s be about 20 plays per team per game if that happened.

Who is this Oregon Coach, and doesn’t he know he is paid to coach football at a university, not worry about graduating his players from said university?

“One of the questions we have to ask ourselves is, at what point does the degree still matter?” Oregon coach Dan Lanning told ESPN in a recent interview. “I think it’s going to make it harder and harder if guys become multiyear transfer guys for them to actually have a college degree. If you graduate, there’s a lot of times it makes sense – change schools as many times as you want – if you graduate. But on the same note, if somebody’s changing schools three times, I’m wondering what their progress towards a degree really looks like. I think that’s something everyone should probably have some awareness of.”

Previously, the NCAA’s one-time transfer rule allowed athletes to play immediately at the first school they transferred to but they then had to sit out a year if they transferred again – or apply to the NCAA for a waiver to compete immediately.

Very happy about this. Reggie Bush totally deserves the Heisman trophy back.

There was so much hipocrisy about this from the NCAA.

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This line from an ESPN article about a QB transfer to UGA captures so many of the things that are hurting college football today:

Quarterback Jaden Rashada is committing to play for Georgia after spending one season at Arizona State, according to his agent, Henry Organ of Disruptive Sports.

Staying for just 1 year at a program (and not a “minor-league” program either)…college players with agents…and the agency is called “Disruptive Sports”…yes you are. :cry:


ASU is a definitely minor leagues. Trying hard to think of another QB transferred from there as well into SEC and had success. Maybe not the minors, but more like a team that is in the English FA, but never plays in Europe. Someone like Fulham or Bournemouth that can occasionally find a good player that can be sold to the big clubs except ASU gets nothing.