2024-25 English Premier League discussion

Congrats to MCI.
Now, on to the next season: Continental Cups and transfers!
I think we already have Euro and Copa threads, so we can discuss new coaches and stuff for a while.
Up and coming: LEI are back, Ipswich Town (IPS?) is back after a long vacation. IPS is northeast of London, have a rivalry with Norwich City, which are not coming up after being eliminated in the play-off of places 3-6.
SOU and LEE play on 5/26 at Wembley. Winner gets promoted.

Ten Hag: over/under is July 1 (source: me). I think some major player changes have to be made (Rooney said so, so…), but if nothing is done before July 1 with his approval, then why bother keeping the coach? Maybe he’s the toxic one.
Poch is out. Ref-blamers can all go to hell as far as I’m concerned. Yeah, they make mistakes. But not as many as claimed. And there are better ways to get a message across. Poch needed more say in what was going on, and the owners think they know better.

Of course, ESPN weighs in way too early (to eat some, um, whey?):

Regarding CHE:

The Stamford Bridge side are now looking for their fifth manager since the Todd Boehly/Clearlake Capital consortium bought the club in May 2022,…

The Steinbrenner school of sports management!

Chelsea want a coach who will march in step with the owners’ tune, but the best coaches are those who challenge their bosses when they need to and command the respect of their players for being strong enough to do so.

Right now, what’s best for the team is incompatible with what is best for the owners, so just as Chelsea looked to be getting it right under Pochettino, expect another season of drama next year.


I do like the choice for new Liverpool coach. Alonso would have been great but nice backup plan. Sell Salah to Saudis for $100m if they can and work with Diaz, Nunez, Gakpo, Jota and youngster up front. MF is ok with Endo, McA, Szbo, Elliot and Jones. TAA can go to MF and start Bradley. Need a central defender. Ok to sell Allison and go with Kelleher.

Would like to see them by ARob to replace Robbo.

Chelsea should be better. Won’t be surprised if Newcastle buys. Leicester will be tougher than any promoted team from this year. Team from playoff will be as well. Manu will struggle to stay 8th.

ETH has been sacked by Man U

I hope he goes to Chelsea

They beat City 2-1 in the Cup so I don’t think its really the coach per se.

I think their entire franchise (United) is too fragile because of a lack of consistent investment.

And that ties back to the owners.

When you have extractive owners, you end up with inconsistent results.

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How is Man U still worth so much?

Here are the Forbes rankings for 2023.

Brand and inertia.

Hate to see De Bruyne go, but go now so City get the bloody (literal) transfer money. Oh, and keep your family safe(r) in England instead of taking them with you. One soccer mistake by you and who knows what might happen to them.

Marginal tax in the UK for a guy on his salary is about 50%.

So not at all surprised he is looking at SA.

I’m ok at this stage if the Saudis was Mo…and maybe VVD. If they could get 125m+ for the pair, I’m in.

Want to keep Diaz.

I MIGHT bite the bullet and pay for Peacock Premium (the one with some ads unfortunately). Right now it’s $20 for a year. Should cover all of next EPL season, plus will have a lot of the Olympics coverage and Sunday night football.

If I do it, I will set a reminder to cancel as that auto renewal a year from now is $80 I think.

Looking into it, as there are some series I’d like to see.
But for EPL, I’d be watching, say 15 additional matches not available on USA or NBC. And I don’t think I’d watch too many other matches anymore (I pretty much watch every match on USA and NBC, which can be half the matches each weekend). I’d be freeing up my weekend a bit.
Maybe I’d cue up some VAR cont-ROV-ersy if I’m alerted to them.

Would consider biting another bullet and dropping YouTubeTV. Wife likes the local weather which is hard to find online. The ABC affiliate wants confirmation of cable subscription, which we don’t have. That’s somewhere around $60/mo, I think (one of the tricks is to get billing online and hoping you don’t notice any rate changes), so need to add some streamers to compensate for missed shows.

For me, not sure I’d be watching that many more matches. I’ve just been annoyed that the marquee matchups are now often behind the paywall, so instead of watching what I’m fed on USA/NBC I’d have the flexibility to watch the match I want to.

More about whiny WOL:

Wolves lodged a motion for consideration at the end-of-season AGM stating that “the price we are paying for a small increase in accuracy is at odds with the spirit of our game, and as a result we should remove it from the 2024/25 season onwards.”

Same article:

Although there were 31 VAR errors logged by the Key Match Incidents (KMI) Panel last season, 107 refereeing mistakes were corrected. The feeling is that rolling back to allow those errors to return to the game would, at this point, not be acceptable.

Earlier this season Tony Scholes, the league’s chief football officer, said that there were “too many checks” that are “taking too long,” but that the Premier League was fully committed to VAR.

Agreed that they are taking too long. Again, one fix is to have the on-field referee walk toward the monitor, and not wait for the VAR to recommend the referee to go to the monitor.

With 38 VAR errors in 2022-23, the Premier League will also point to a 21% drop in mistakes year-on-year to show things are getting better, despite some high profile incidents. Yet the problem is there are many more situations outside of those identified by the KMI Panel which managers and fans will feel are wrong.

What? managers and fans are complaining about calls/non-calls? And this has only started since VAR came into existence??

Clubs will, however, approve referees announcing the explanation for a VAR overturn to the crowd. This will largely only apply to a referee visiting the pitchside monitor to overturn a subjective decision, which happened 66 times last season.

Ugh. They will be speaking the King’s English, which foreign-speaking fans, like Americans, won’t understand. Time will actually be wasted doing this. The hand signals in the IFAB LOTG are perfectly cromulent.

The AGM comes less than two months after the 20 Premier League clubs voted to introduce semiautomated offside technology (SAOT) next season, which involves a contract with a new offside technology supplier, Second Spectrum. That will be delayed until after one of the autumn international breaks as further testing is required to ensure the system is robust.

It is (should be, IMO) called “Automated Offside Position Technology.” Offside can only be determined (for now) by a referee determining that the offside position player has gotten involved in play.

It is hoped that SAOT will, on average, make offside decisions 31 seconds quicker by removing the human aspect of the VAR drawing lines onto the players. But this technology isn’t going to make offside calls instant, there is likely to be an increased number of marginal decisions as, unlikely the current Hawk-Eye software, SAOT doesn’t have a built-in tolerance level, and some situations – where several players are involved in close proximity – the VAR may have to resort to using the old Hawk-Eye system.

Downside is that there will be more playing time wasted due to the “late flag” philosophy. Hoping that the Referee or AR is notified immediately of (or within a few seconds) who was in an offside position at the time the ball was played by a teammate.

Yeah, your proposal was dumb:

“Oh, and we’re still dumb too!”:

“While we still believe that Premier League football would be superior for supporters, players, coaches and viewers without VAR, …”

Not yet, still waiting until all the good and available managers are taken.

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This might result in some better referees.
Might have to suppress whatever biases they might have.

Certainly they should be in good enough shape. Now, if they’re anything like their talking head counterparts in the TV studio, then they probably won’t get too far. There would be too much self-hating., for one. Two, they wouldn’t know the laws of the game well enough.

“Eh, might as well…”

July 1 prediction still in play.