2023 Summer Beach Crowds

We took our summer vacation to isle Of Palms, SC 2 weeks ago and noticed that it was very crowded and also that the crowd was quite rowdy. Maybe a hair younger on average, but a lot of heavy drinking, and even a fight on the beach in the middle of the afternoon between 2 grown ass men. Didn’t think a ton of it but was somewhat surprised as this is a fairly expensive beach to visit and the crowd ahs usually been very family oriented.

Fast forward to today and I went into the office for a team gathering. At lunch my VP and a different Director in the department were talking about their recent trip to Hilton Head and how they did not enjoy it as much as they had in the past because it was so crowded. I asked about the rowdiness level of the crowd compared to normal as well and they too said there was significantly more drunkenness and rudeness than they were used to.

This brings me to here now because I am curious if anyone else who vacations at an East Coast beach town (maybe specifically a SE beach town) has seen the same thing.

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i live in an East Coast beach town, not S.

Teenagers are more asswholery, than usual, but not otherwise

I don’t go to the public beach though, just in town

Going to Hilton Head in August, basically past peak

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We usually do not go to the beach in June, July, and August. I went to the GA coast twice in late April and May and it was relatively quiet.

Video of the beach in late April in this post:

Going to the beach next weekend for “vacation.” ugh

Are you flying there or something??? :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

He said “beach” but it is more likely the shore.
Make sure you get your shore permit.

We drove. Only 2 hrs.

So “vacations” are for suckers?? Is that what you’re trying to tell us???

I’m telling you guys I’m a sucker when it comes to my wife making me go on vacation…

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So how was the crowd at the beach? Was this a place you are familiar with and did you notice any excess drunkenness or rowdier than normal behavior like fighting?

The place where I went is like 95% residential goers to the beach (either people w/ beach houses or rental houses; only a few hotel/motels). There isn’t much non-resident parking. So basically, the only people on the beach around you are the people who live/rent on your block. It’s all families or old people.

There’s a few big bars with bands for the under-30 nightlife. Plenty of restaurants.

That’s why nobody goes to the beach in the summer - it’s too crowded

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