2023 SOA Virtual Life Meeting

I’ll be presenting at the 2023 Virtual Life Meeting as part of a group:

Thursday, September 14 – 2-3pm ET

VIRTUAL - Session 8C: Excess Mortality - A Peek Under the Iceberg


Credits: 1.20 SOA CPD; 1.00 CIA

Competency/Skills Based Learning: Risk Management

Moderator(s): Valerie Michelle Chezem ASA,MAAA

Presenter(s): Mary Pat Campbell FSA,MAAA; Steven F. Cyboran, ASA, FCA, MAAA; Josh Stirling; Teresa Russ Winer FSA,MAAA

Session Description:

Everyone is attentively watching the current excess mortality and morbidity crisis unfolding. We think it’s just the tip of the iceberg. Join our cross-industry team as we share a proprietary analysis of U.S. and global public health data digging into the underlying problems. Discover the iceberg of health problems underlying the elevated death and disability we see playing out in the bottom line. Can anything be done to slow this train? Risk mitigation strategies for insurers will be explored, with an invitation for participants to exchange ideas within the group. This will be a combination of presentation, panel, and Q&A discussion with multiple presenters including actuaries and other industry experts.

Did a podcast episode on it:

Damn I wish I was credentialed so I could watch these.

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? You don’t have to be credentialed to attend an SOA meeting.

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Seeing the list of presenters . . . makes me wonder who Josh Stirling is. Or more accurately, what role he plays for the presentations.

Josh Stirling will be presenting some of the slides – I mean, not everything here is purely actuarial at SOA meetings, though obviously it will be insurance-related.

Here’s his LinkedIn page:

The main thing re: SOA meetings is that yeah, a lot of us who are credentialed are signed up for the “structured”/“organized” CE credits – I am signed up for the entire meeting.

But it’s not like the SOA requires attendees to be members. They would be overjoyed to have candidates there, and for certain meetings, like the Life Reinsurance one, there are loads of non-members. Because for the in-person meetings, people are there for reasons other than CE credits.

I was going more toward the aspect that Mr. Stirling has zero credentials listed with their name.

On the P&C side, many “non-actuarials” presenting at a large meeting would have CPCU listed (if attained) or something. I would suspect on the other side, CLU would be a common attainment.

Ok, look. One needs to get beyond credential-fixation, and I speak as one with a lot of credentials.

I assume you work with people who might have a mere B.A.? I know I do.