2023 SOA Spring Meeting June 26 - 28

All signed up. Sort of crazy trying to get there with flights from my area (east coast).
SOA hotel rooms are all gone as of today 5/19
The t-shirt and registration for the run also expired on May 15th (and not the 19th). Ugh!
I’ll be there Friday night before and do some site seeing Saturday and Sunday.

i am planning on attending. will connect w you. hosting another event, so i gotta get you on the list!

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would have, but starts the day after a personal conference I am attending.

I’ll go to the Life this year. Haven’t gone to many SOA, have got my CE through other meetings and presenting, but it seems both meeting are long trips from North East this year and relative car rides next year.

I’ll be there! Flying in late Sunday and flying out Wednesday afternoon. I’m not staying at the SOA hotel, but at one on Terry Ave I think that’s close by.

I’ll be there too!!! :party:

I wonder if there’s a beer it forward place nearby.