2023 SOA Petition Candidates

I got my SOA 2023 Petition Login Information email today.

Are there any candidates seeking petition votes?

feel free to submit me as PatientZombie


Only one.

Ryan Potter

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I submitted my petition for Mr. Potter.

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So, Amanda Hug, just because of the name?
Gonna set her up with my single pal, John Enkis.

Look, her name is her name.

I know her from her activity in the Hartford Actuaries Club.

Speaking of, I just got this email from the Actuarial Club of Hartford/Springfield:

We wanted to share with the membership the exciting news that Past ACHS President Amanda Hug is an endorsed candidate for SOA President-Elect!

Amanda has served on the Society of Actuaries Board of Directors for the last three years and is looking to take on the role of President-Elect to lead and accelerate the progress of the SOA.

You can watch her campaign video and read her campaign page to learn more about her qualifications and vision for the SOA.

You can also connect with Amanda on LinkedIn or via email with any questions about her candidacy or voting logistics.

You will receive an email tomorrow from the SOA and we encourage you to review the eligible candidates and cast your vote! Voting runs from September 6th ā€“ 27th.

~ACHS Officers

No worries, Iā€™m voting for her.

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Video from Dave Dillon:

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