2023 Rugby World Cup

Yes. My English SIL and I have a commitment to watch the Ireland-SA game together on Saturday night. I expect Ireland will want to make a statement.

Watched the first half of this last night, and thought Uruguay looked really good. Then the second half started, and France just seemed to find something special. Wasn’t their first game (Argentina, I think?) where they had 3 or 4 tries overturned on review?

added all of the Quarterfinal & Semifinal & Finals games to [My List] on Peacock!

Wow!!! What a match. Ireland 13, South Africa 8. Ireland now has 16 victories in a row. Both tries (1 by each) came from excellent attacking play. South Africa will regret their sub-par kicking. I felt that some of those kicks were really long but maybe the 2nd one should have had a better chance of getting in. Then the Irish just defended unbelievably. South Africa pressured them till the whistle but there was just no getting through the Irish. What made their defence really impressive to me was how clean it was. It would have been so easy to concede penalties under pressure and lose on kicks under such pressure.

Now I hope these guys meet again in the final and we see a very good rematch.

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It was an exciting and punishing game. Had the feeling that the Irish were hanging on by their fingernails at the end and were just saved by the bell.

That is what a final looks like. That’s really why I wish there is a rematch.

OTOH France seriously tore apart Namibia and it probably is another team to pay close attention to.

Assuming France wins its pool it would play the runner up of Group B, probably SA. That should be a great game. Ireland’s reward for winning Group B would probably be a match against Italy in the quarterfinals. That Ireland win over SA was huge!

There might be a certain group of gentlemen wearing black uniforms that would disagree with that prediction.

They square off this Friday. then Italy meets France on the 6th of October. Some good games coming.

Watched the Aussies take on Wales and they got a really good walloping. Australia just isn’t in the groove. Went to bed during second half.

ETA: Just looked at the standings now. It seems Australia is going to be eliminated in the group stages with Wales and Fiji the most likely to get out of Pool C.

It does appear Australian will go home early. I was astonished at just how badly they looked against Wales.

I forgot that NZ is also in France’s Group. The All-Blacks can never be counted out! NZ versus Italy on Friday should pretty well decide who will finish second in the Group.

This is an interesting article showing how many foreign-born players each Tier 1 team has. Only Argentina and South Africa are 100% locals -

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Interesting. Didn’t know that having a grandparent from the country could qualify you to play for that country.

The Namibian player Dreysel was banned for 5 matches for a tackle in the French game. It must have been very nasty.

It got me thinking about who are the break out players this world cup. I have been impressed by Johnny Saxton (Ireland) and Thomas Ramos (France). Which players have impressed you?

Some of the stats to-date.

Not only that. It may have changed the eventual winner of the tournament. France was the pre-tournament favorite and some have compared the importance of Dupont (who’s face was smashed in the tackle) to the team to that of Messi to the Argentinian soccer team.

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