2023 NFL Draft Prediction Contest

Post your prediction before first pick is made. List as shown below with actual team names and players for all places in the first round:

  1. Team Name - Player

Points are awarded as follows:

1 point for picks 1-5 for players selected in projected position
2 points for picks 6-10 for player selected in projected position
1 if you picked original team making selection and they kept it AND you got player right
3 pts if you made right player selection and projected a different team in that slot and were correct on the team

Some quarterbacks
some really big dudes
Some really fast dudes.

Did I win?

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I’ve been reading about mock drafts, but this is the first time I’ve seen a mock draft prediction

I think mock drafts are predictions.

I am modifying the scoring to first 10 picks for simplicity.

  1. Panthers - Young (QB)
  2. Titans - Stroud (QB)
  3. Arizona - Anderson (Edge)
  4. Colts - Levis (QB)
  5. Seahawks - Carter(DL)
  6. Lions - Witherspoon (CB)
  7. Raiders - Gonzalez (CB)
  8. Falcons - Wilson (Edge)
  9. Bears - Skoronski (OT)
  10. Eagles - Robinson (RB)
  1. Panthers - Young (QB)
  2. Houston- Anderson (Edge)
  3. Titans - Stroud (QB)
  4. Colts - Levis (QB)
  5. Seahawks - Carter(DL)
  6. Lions - Wilson (Edge)
  7. Raiders - Witherspoon (CB)
  8. Falcons - Gonzalez (CB)
  9. Bears - Skoronski (OT)
  10. Eagles - Johnson Jr (OT)

The draft definitely did not go as planned.