2023-24 NBA Basketball Thread

Why is Bronny getting that much betting play to be the #1 pick?

He wasn’t that great, if great at all.
Not on any mock drafts that I can find. Another USC guard, Freshman Isaiah Collier, is projected at #16.
Not sure why ATL would pick him. LAL don’t even have a 1st round pick to exchange for him. Not winning business. Is getting LeBron to pack up and go to ATL (again, what will LAL get for him anyway, besides a shitload of cap space?) just so this “record” can be recorded that attractive for ATL?

When there was the semi-real possibility that LeBron would follow Bronny, I could see the bets. Now that LeBron has said he isn’t leaving LA I can’t imagine any team even wasting a pick on Bronny.

Sometimes rules are so ridiculous. The refs last night get to review who touched ball last. However, Irving had fouled on the play to knock the ball out of Wolves player. They can’t review the foul and so have to award the ball to Mavs who then win the game. Ridiculous outcome from a review. The whole point is to get the call right. Wolves ball was right.

This. I think the draw to take him early in the draft was in the hopes LeBron would follow.

Yeah, but that means losing two spots on the roster for a long-term losing strategy.
Bronny is not projected to be drafted at all. That would be better for LAL, since just add him as a free agent and “make history.” I mean, there are only two rounds of NBA drafting.

I don’t think it was a good idea. I just think that’s where the speculation was coming from that he might get drafted. Bronny doesn’t appear to be worth a pick otherwise.

I think it would be funny if Boston drafted him.

Long time Celtics fan. Big Jaylen Brown fan. Not intentional, but certainly a flagrant. Pacers have right to be pissed.

I know Bucks wanted a trade for someone in backcourt but Holiday was a huge loss. When people got pissed about Smart leaving, they did not give enough credit for Holiday brings. He is a guy you want on your team at all times. He doesn’t freak out a couple times during a series. He also has some cred to keep Tatum and Brown focused. Hopefully Porzingis heals and can provide at least 15-20 mins a game.


Agree should have been flagrant but so should have the kick in the face Pritchard got. Glad they were consistent with the way they did it and did not call one flagrant and one not.

I guess Kyrie get to try to win his title in Boston after all.


Might be better suited for the 24-25 thread, but we’re not there yet.

Sources - Lakers preparing massive offer to UConn’s Dan Hurley - ESPN

Credit to the Lakers here: if you’re going to swing for the fences, don’t just try to get barely over the fence.

I figured the Lakers are trying to get deal done before playoffs end. If Boston doesn’t win, Hurley would have to have been top of list. James/Davis at this stage of career is not all that enticing.

As for Celts, nice game 1.

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Hurley turned down the deal…staying at UConn, presumably to build the next college (minor-league pros) dynasty.

The Lakers job is not interesting. Best player is 40 and wants to play with his second round son. Anthony Davis is not a guy to build around and draft picks aren’t great. Hurley could probably come back in 2-3 years to better situation or wait for Knicks job. Lakers should trade Davis for picks.

Pierce/Garnett trade was 10 years ago. Fruits of that trade built this.

“Second Round”? You’re too kind. Wait until after the draft, sign him for a song. One day he’ll get out of the D League.

Why would anyone want the Knicks job?

Ownership is just going to F things up. Been that way since Ewing’s 5th year.
(Okay fine, 10th.)

Did the C’s intentionally flop just so they could celebrate at home instead? Or were the NBA higher-ups like “hey, we need more than 4 games outta dis”?

Why not both?

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