2023-24 NBA Basketball Thread

OK, congrats to first-timers Denver Nuggets!
Jokic going home. For a spell, that is. Pretty sure he’ll be back.

Now, on to the next season.
Like clockwork, way-too-early power rankings:
NBA Power Rankings, way-too-early edition - Our first look at 2023-24 - ESPN.
Going to check on last year’s real quick…
Heat at #6 (well, they were the 8th seed) and Nuggets at #9! These rankings are so prescient!
Draft coming up soo, I think. There is that one giant, and a bunch of others.

The Thunder at 15 is absolutely ridiculous. They will be a top 4 western team next year. Sacramento has all returning players and coach. They played well in first playoff appearance for most of team and showed they can play D in playoffs. They may be #2 in the West for next year. Cleveland could continue to be tough.C

Memphis will take a step back. GS will not rise to #10. They will be in bottom half of Western Conference at best. Suns could struggle due to health of Paul and Durant. Clippers are done. Sixers may be done as well. Lakers are not close to 7th.

KR power rankings
Nuggets, Celtics, Bucks, Kings, Cavs, Heat, Thunder, Pelicans, Grizzlies, Knicks. Free agency could change things.

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The draft, which rewards the shittiest teams, Cap space, to make things socialistic, every player will be one year older (some better for it, some worse), etc. Such a crapshoot. I guess that’s what keeps fans interested, and hoping that their team doesn’t move out of their city.

The draft does not look like it will impact a top team that made a great trade 5 years ago in the upcoming one which would mean you have to find a gem. Cap space tends to get worked out even if it takes a 4 team trade to do so. The one year older thing is real and it impacts the guys the talking heads don’t want to let go or see in decline - LeBron, Durant, Curry, Paul, Leonard, George, Thompson. Teams built on these guys are much higher risk. Even Jimmy Buckets is 33.


Sure they are. (snicker, snicker, deep breath) Talk about a big market bias. The Knicks were fairly lucky to make the playoffs this year and were exposed when they did. They have Brunson and who? Randle? Barrett?

Seriously, Thibs is going to keep a short rotation and burn his players into injury, just like he always does. Unless injury brings other teams back to the Knicks again next year I don’t see them any better than a play in team.

You’d think there would be some security protocol or etiquette or something regarding two people with their own security teams.

Pop is at it again, resting his players when fans will want to see them. Silver is unimpressed (probably).

Couldn’t find a WNBA thread so putting this mention from The Athletic here as it is a good basketball story.

“File this under “mesmerizing.” Sabrina Ionescu could not miss for points for both the W and NBA festivities with 37 in the final round. She drilled 25 of 27 attempts and at one point hit 20 straight.

Next up? Perhaps a shootout with the 3-point GOAT?”

There is a video with it well worth watching.

This was amazing to watch!

Old but touching story about Barkley that I came across yesterday:

The part that gets me is near the end:

Later, after it all, I texted Barkley and asked him: “Why my dad? Why did he matter so much to you?” And recently, I called him up and asked: “What did you even have to talk about?”

“Well, I think — first of all, clearly, he was a fan,” Barkley said. “But I think the main thing we talked about was you and your brother.”

“What did you guys talk about — what did he say?” I asked.

“I think it was more that he was proud,” Barkley said. "Because I’ve got a daughter, too. I’m just really, really proud of her, because I think she’s a good person. And your dad was so proud of you and your brother.

“Listen: As an adult — and you’re too young to understand this now — all you want is your kids to be happy. That’s what you work for. To give your kids everything in life.”

The more Charles Barkley and I talked, I realized just how close he and my dad were. Barkley knew so much about me and my life — even though this was the first time he and I had ever talked.

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NBA thread or Movies Forum?

Fun story!

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The FIBA championship doesn’t merit its own thread so will post here given that NBA players are involved.

The Group stage is uninteresting as there are so many blowouts given the low quality of many of the countries’ teams. The USA is favoured to win the championship but I am encouraged that Canada has managed to persuade enough of its NBA players to participate to field a good team for a change. They may pose a serious challenge to win a silver medal.

Some interesting results today:

9/3 Games

Lithuania beats the US by 6 to win the group, US still advances to quarters. More interestingly, Canada beat Spain to send Spain packing, and also qualifies Canada for the Olympics.

Canada and US are both into the FIBA semifinals. Those two teams would make for an interesting final.

The Canada-US game for the bronze medal was very exciting. Too bad this tournament doesn’t get much attention.

Amazing story. Big fan of Charles Barkley, even though I wasn’t watching basketball when he played. He’s very well known in Australia though, when Australia played USA in the Olympics. Total badass during play but lovely guy off the court.

“Our TV contracts are more important than your health and your team’s goal of winning an NBA Championship.”

Poor players will have to decide whether to lower their Per-Game averages (which affects awards and the next contract figures), or take one for the team.

Because, as far as I can tell, “go on the floor for minute than come off and not play the rest of the game,” is not covered under this “For The Good of The Owners’ pockets” rule.

  • Teams must ensure that healthy players resting for a game are present and visible to fans.

You know the actual sport is just not that important when they throw this in.

Blazers trade Damian Lillard to Bucks in blockbuster 3-team swap | NBA.com

Earlier this year the Utah Jazz worked out a contract with their previous local over-the-air TV partner (KJZZ) to again carry their games rather than be put on a sports cable channel that could only be accessed via cable or satellite or other pay tv service.

Now they have announced their streaming option which for $125.50 per year, $15.50 per month or $5.00 per game. Subscribers get other content as well.

How about recorded games?
How about a skip-forward option?
How about a “skip ads” option?

Asking for a friend.