2023-24 English Premier League discussion

OK, you are missing a lot, but I am a Referee and a Referee Instructor, so, lucky you!
Straight from The Laws of The Game, found online for free, page 93, Sentence #1:

  1. Offside position
    It is not an offence to be in an offside position.

So, a lot of what you wrote is not correct. If your take were correct, then EVERY TIME someone is in an offside position, the play must be stopped. Clearly that does not happen, because “The Usual Call” is a non-call. “Wait for the player to get involved in the play.” that is what I teach.
But, this WAS different, because the ball came toward the player in an offside position. So, more of Law 11 needs to be applied.

Looking for “influencing play” in Law 11… nope, nothing. He has to “interfere with play” or “take advantage of his position” (receiving rebounds off goal or opponent’s save)

Here is what “interfering with play” is, according, again, to The Laws of The Game:

interfering with an opponent by:
• preventing an opponent from playing or being able to play the ball by
clearly obstructing the opponent’s line of vision or
• challenging an opponent for the ball or
• clearly attempting to play a ball which is close when this action impacts
on an opponent or
• making an obvious action which clearly impacts on the ability of an opponent to play the ball

So, in this play:

  1. Did not attempt to make a play. He actually attempted and succeeded in NOT playing the ball.
  2. Did not make an obvious action which clearly impacts on the ability of an opponent to play the ball. That, to me, means physically getting in the way of the opponent.
  3. Was definitely NOT in the line of vision of the ball from what I’ve seen. Goalkeeper was near the center of the goal, and the ball was headed from about center of goal, 10 yards off, toward the goal post.

I hope this was helpful.


Thanks a lot. This was very informative. Will definitely take the time to read through the rules.

You’re welcome!

I have just gone through a few pages of the Law of the Game 2023/24. I must say I am impressed by referees. Not only are they fit and run across the field but they need to be aware of play and the rules as it happens. Quite impressive!

Out of curiosity, does it pay as well as the players and coaches?

Not as well.

Attended my first ever Premier League game this pm. My English SIL is a huge Fulham fan so we spent the afternoon in delightful Craven Cottage. Great seats near the pitch at midfield but far enough back for a good overview. Fulham won in 80 degree weather: was able to go in shorts and t-shirt which is not how I envisioned attending an English football match.

I’ve always thought Craven Cottage was a funny name for a stadium given the definition of craven. I realize that the stadium is called that because a guy named Craven built a cottage there, but it’s still mildly amusing to me.

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Name notwithstanding, it is an intimate venue to watch a soccer match in. Delightful in this era of mega stadiums to watch a game in a small Victorian-era stadium. I could hear the players calling to each other and see their facial expressions: that is something I have seldom experienced in other venues!

In other EPL news, Tottenham pulled off a Liverpool and scored the tying and winning goal in the 8th and 10th minute of injury time today. That would have been exciting for me!

Wondering who is the best at comebacks from 1-0 deficits. LIV certainly does it a lot, but TOT (though technically it was an 0-1 deficit) makes it exciting. So glad 12 minutes were tacked on, so I could watch the final minutes after MCI came back from its own 1-0 deficit.

Seems like NBC used to put the big EPL games on air, and if you were a die hard you could get Peacock to stream the non-televised games. Now they do the opposite, putting the headliners on Peacock and lesser games on TV. Annoying.

Did NBC show today’s TOT-ARS match? That would have been a good one to show.

Pleased that Spurs grabbed a point in Emirates Stadium, especially when they came from behind twice.

They did not here, which is one I was thinking of specifically. The pregame league spin around show was pumping that game up.

NBC doesn’t show games on Sunday. They would be on USA or Peacock. Liverpool was on Peacock. Assume Spurs-Arsenal were on USA.

Nope. Need more Peacock subsuckers, er subscribers.
BHA v BOU was on USA. The Beach Derby.

Wasn’t sure where to put this story but decided on this thread as Birmingham City has EPL aspirations.

Their new owners (including Tom Brady) are criticizing Rishi Sunak’s recent announcement about the potential scrapping of the high speed rail project between Birmingham and Manchester.

This is exactly what I was talking about. Used to be that a headline match like the London derby would get TV coverage on USA and occasionally NBC. Not anymore, as they are trying to force more people to subscribe to Peacock.

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Well, got ripped off from a Spurs season ticket holder for Sat. Reported to their ticket office. Not counting on anything. Had CRNs connected in their site. Extra incentive to hope for a 4-1 win.

Sorry to hear that. I.mentioned either here or on the AO or both that it was a PITA to score EPL tickets in advance from the US. I wound up joining a supporters group to make it happen.

Did you use their Ticket Exchange?

I was on the exchange and had to pay outside it. I didn’t purchase a membership just the basic sign up. It’s. Little costly but not the end of the world. I have the specific name on the ticket exchange from the person and the Twitter account was same name with a ton of posts and pics over a long period. I backed out of first deal I found on Twitter where we connected on the exchange. I knew it was risky but thought I had covered bases. Spurs gotta be Spurs.