2022 Tour de France thread

My prediction: Ganna takes yellow on the opening stage, holds it until the mountains when Pogacar/Roglic take over.

Interesting route: three days in Denmark to start, they go clockwise, and Alpe d’Huez is Stage 12, after a finish in Col du Granon the day before. Pyrenees later, time trial day before Paris.

Oddschecker has vingegaard ahead of roglic.

Hirschi the choco man is in

They have an impressive team this year to support the Pogstar - including Majka, G Bennett, McNulty, Soler as well as Hirschi.

Bahrain get raided by the police for at least the third time in recent history…

Didn’t that happen during last year’s TDF or am I thinking of a different team? Whatever came of that?

nothing and then it happened two more times in the last week

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Well that was crazy. It’s a shame Bissegger crashed since I thought he might be able to win. Also Laporte was riding faster than Wout before he crashed so I wonder how he would have finished if he had stayed upright. And it’s also crazy that Pogacar beat Ganna.

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Alberto Bettiol = USA enemy #1

That was a very entertaining race today.

RIP Ben O’Connor’s butt.

I’m behind, but dumb question: who wore the polka dot jersey on stage 2? They showed it on the graphics where they gave the jerseys with either the leader(s) or chase groups or peloton or off the back. So I assume that someone wore it, but who? There were no KOM points on stage 1. My Google skills are failing me at the moment.

I assume no one wore a red number on stage 2.

I dunno if they had one since the first stage was the TT. I just remember Magnus Cort taking the first few points and he wore it until yesterday.

Unusual injury. He was in good form in the criterium du dauphine. Hope he can recover in time for the vuelta.

That’s what I would’ve thought except they showed the polka dot jersey with the peloton.

They’re about to go onto Alpe d’Huez!

Yesterday’s stage was one of the best of all time I think. That was one of the greatest displays of teamwork I have seen.

Tadej is strong but he’s not the smartest rider, he attacks everyone and tries to rely on his strength and TJV exploited that to perfection. He must have wasted so much energy trying to chase down Roglic…maybe if he had George Bennett it could have made a difference, but I dunno.


I think he’s been so conditioned to cover Roglic’s every move that he couldn’t help himself. Turns out that Roglic is not the main act.

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Yesterday’s winner was from my home town!