2022 Stock of the month club and competition

I saw an article on Investor’s Business Daily that got me interested in creating/doing this. The article is " 11 Stocks Turned $10,000 Into $319,356 In 11 Months". Basically goes like this:

1.) Invest $10,000 into a single stock on day 1 (January 4th from 2021)
2.) Sell all of these on the last day of the month
3.) Buy new stock on first day of the month with amount from prior month
4.) Repeat 11 more times.

Cannot use the same stock more than once
Must buy and sell on prescribed days of the month below
Must keep a post of your plays as $In - [Ticker Symbol], $Out - [Ticker Symbol]

Looking at the calendar for next year the buy/sell dates will be:
January 3 / 31
February 1 / 28
March 1 / 31
April 1 / 29
May 2 / 31
June 1 / 30
July 1 / 29
August 1 / 31
September 1 / 30
October 3 / 31
November 1 / 30
December 1/ 30

Keeping a running tally of your experience in a quoted thread of your own would make keeping track of this a bit easier. I will also keep the results on the 3rd post of this thread.

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Anyone else got a “rule” that they’d like to see that would make this more challenging, fun or useful?

Saved for Summaries of participants YTD

$10,000 (ZNGA, 1,550x$6.4267)
$13,733 (SOFI),
$12,458 (AAL),
$13,517 (F),
$11,817 () $J, $J, $A, $S, $O, $N, $D, $Final
$10,000 (GME, 66x$151.50)
$7,209 (NIO, 304x$23.69)
$6,769 (MRNA)
$7,817 (VRNS) $M, $J, $J, $A, $S, $O, $N, $D, $Final
Mountainhawk: $10,000 (Ticker), $F, $M, $A, $M, $J, $J, $A, $S, $O, $N, $D, $Final
OutdoormanNowActuary: $10,000 (Ticker), $F, $M, $A, $M, $J, $J, $A, $S, $O, $N, $D, $Final
tommie.frazier: $10,000 (Ticker), $F, $M, $A, $M, $J, $J, $A, $S, $O, $N, $D, $Final


I’m interested.

I would say at least the following:

  1. Common stocks only. No ETFs, no options, none of that other stuff.
  2. Stock in question must be publicly traded at the time the transaction is given here, and not some penny stock only found on pink sheets or some planned IPO.
  3. Dividends are irrelevant and not calculated in the return.
  4. Buy stocks only. No short-selling.

Certainly more challenging would be to pick all of your buys before the start of the game.

interested. will require me to open a separate account. all my savings are trapped in company plans as is.

can you use a different starting amount, N_0, and we are competing to see who has N_12 / N_0 the largest?

You can certainly use play money as well. I plan on doing the $10,000 - in an already existing account. We can ratio it for anything less/more. The important thing will be the monthly/annual return for bragging rights.


1A-T-roy: I thought about the stocks only thing, but there might be an option that looks juicy. And using your own money would lessen the chance of you taking the risk (maybe). But I am up for whatever. I am also assuming you mean crypto as well?
2A-T-roy: I agree
3A-T-roy: I agree
4A-T-roy: Hmmm…If you Short at the beginning of the month and buy back at the end of the month I am OK with that as the two transactions. You just cannot use the Short+Balance at the beginning of the month to Buy another stock and reverse everything at the end of the month. I would say this as “No borrowing $”. But the Short sale itself is OK with me.


I was thinking about this play too. Just monkey-randomize the 12 stocks up front.

Can you leave your $ in cash for a month?

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I cannot buy fractional shares - 1550 Shares of ZNGA at $6.4267 - $9,961.39

66 shares of GME to the moon at $151.50 = $9999.00

@OutdoormanNowActuary @tommie.frazier @Mountainhawk

appreciate the reminder. realized that my interest came with a realization that i lack the attention span to do this. maybe next year!

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Here to brag about ZNGA - prolly shouldn’t cause karma, but it is fun to see that price jump!

Sold 1,550 Zenga (ZNGA) at $8.835

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66 shares sold of GME, rocket to moon stalled, at $109.21 = $7207.86

Total funds = $7208.86

Return to date = -27.91%