2022 SOA Health Meeting

June 12-15, 2022
Philadelphia, PA

Registration not open just yet but I plan on attending. Anyone else going?

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I will attend if I don’t have other calendar conflicts

This is the meeting where I met several AOers back in 2019 in Phoenix. I don’t work in health anymore, so I won’t be there, but I wish I could attend!

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I have a meeting the prior week in Vegas. I won’t do both

As sad as is to say it, I’m jonesing for an in person meeting at this point. So despite my hesitation on the agenda (about 30% of the sessions don’t have much of interest to me), I think I’m going.

I kinda dig the new format. 90 mins was normal in the old days. I’m thinking that 60 mins won’t be enough for discussions/questions.

60 minutes is better for my attention span :slight_smile: Most webinars seem to work within the 60 minute timeframe. Looking forward to trying it out!

i am attending. does the soa not publish the list of attendees in advance? i need to scour that for business reasons.

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