2022 SOA Health Meeting

June 12-15, 2022
Philadelphia, PA

Registration not open just yet but I plan on attending. Anyone else going?

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I will attend if I don’t have other calendar conflicts

This is the meeting where I met several AOers back in 2019 in Phoenix. I don’t work in health anymore, so I won’t be there, but I wish I could attend!

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I have a meeting the prior week in Vegas. I won’t do both

As sad as is to say it, I’m jonesing for an in person meeting at this point. So despite my hesitation on the agenda (about 30% of the sessions don’t have much of interest to me), I think I’m going.

I kinda dig the new format. 90 mins was normal in the old days. I’m thinking that 60 mins won’t be enough for discussions/questions.

60 minutes is better for my attention span :slight_smile: Most webinars seem to work within the 60 minute timeframe. Looking forward to trying it out!

i am attending. does the soa not publish the list of attendees in advance? i need to scour that for business reasons.


They must have a list out there now - I’ve been getting invites to all the afterparties. So far Tuesday 7:00 PM I’ve been invited to 3. Going to do the Wakely Ping-Pong

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just looked online but didn’t see. perhaps it is in the app instead? i have received 0 invites thus far!

I’m flying into Philly on Saturday - going to do some site-seeing (I actually studied for an exam at the Independence Library once, not knowing that the Liberty Bell is juuust around the corner)

If anyone else is going early and wants to do dinner or lunch or brewery tour hit me up.

i arrive late sunday night.

Good line up of speakers and topics if you haven’t seen the SOA blast e-mail just now. @DrNo will be a speaker - always good to see him. My favorite professor from UW Marjorie A. Rosenberg is speaking - she’s usually data heavy and very interesting.

You can see the list of people and you can also press a button on their profile of “Show Interest” - Its like a dating site for actuaries! I did it for a few folks I like to listen to (Greg Fann, David Dillon, Greg Warren, Doug Norris, David Axene) and got a few “shown interests” back. I am not presenting this year. lol

What a coincky-dink

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