2022 MLB Baseball Thread

Alright, the team with the Racist fans wins! Atlanta Baseball Team, take a bow!

Ok. Enough of that. Pretty sure the power rankings for 2022 are out.

Jays give Berrios a rich 7-year extension. Probably means no chance to re-sign Robbie Ray.

Ok, we have a PED-packed HoF ballot this year.

Any players elected will be inducted into the Hall at Cooperstown on July 24 along with anyone elected by the Golden Days Era and Early Baseball Era committees, which are scheduled to meet on Dec. 5.

Maybe they should have a PED-Era committee?

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Semien cashes in on good season:

MetMax that’s a lotta chedda.

Scherzer & DeGrom has the potential to be a very good 1-2 punch if Scherzer remains dominant in his age 38 season and DeGrom can stay healthy for the whole season.

Seager 10/325 also to the Rangers. A lot of money being thrown around this off season ahead of the likely lock out on Wednesday.

Mariners throw a pile of money at him. Didn’t really see that one coming.

Losing both Semien and Ray hurts as both were the best last year in the AL at their respective positions. However Jays should now have some money to lock in some of their younger guys and/or find someone in the FA market below Semien/Ray caliber. They would have easily clinched a playoff spot with some more bullpen strength so another middle reliever or a set up man for their closer would be great.

Seager going for that kind of $ makes me think the price of Freeman for the Braves has gone up. Why? Because I imagine the LAD will look to fill that Seager hole in the lineup with the best left handed bat available. They’ll make a run IMO. Freddie would like to stay, but he’s got his ring and he’d not taking a ginormous home team discount (nor should he)

Well, it is Atlanta, not L.A., which is close to his actual hometown. And advertising production companies.

Siemien is a loss but the Jays had plenty of offense and a good young core.

Ray would be a loss but they replaced him with Guasman which seems kind of lateral.they also extended Berrios and have Minoha(sp?) and I think the lefty Ryu is still under contract so they should have. A decent rotation next year

Had not heard about Gausman deal. Kinda weird that they let Ray go and picked up Gausman unless they think 2021 was a one-off great season for Ray….I agree they have a good starting rotation.

iDK, Ray always had great stuff and shitty command/control which he seemed to fix last year. gausman was A’s waiver casualty a few years back and and a Giants analytics success by drop his marginal pitches a going heavy on his 2 most successful pitches. I’m kind Of surprised the Giants didn’t retain him but I guess Farhan thinks he’s still the smartest guy in the room and can replace him.

In any event, Ray looks like a bargain when you compare his contract to Scherzer or Cole!

The Braves have always owned and operated their minor league franchises. They just sold all 4 to Endeavor, which has created Diamond Baseball Holdings for their new MiLB assets. Diamond acquired 9 MiLB teams in total.

I think this may undermine the long term success of the farm system for ATL, but we’ll see. Despite the World Series title, I’ve been consistently disappointed by Braves owner Liberty Media.

Endeavor also owns the UFC as well as talent agencies WME and IMG.

MLB network chose not to renew Ken Rosenthal’s contract, reportedly because Manfred didn’t like hearing Rosenthal criticizing his handling of COVID early in 2020 and particularly his negotiating tactics with the players union wrt playing the 2020 season.

MLB Network has wanted to pretend they are journalists, but this action makes that seem pretty hollow.

Rosenthal still has his gigs with Fox and The Athletic.

It makes it clear that MLB Network is a propaganda arm for the owners.

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Bump for HoF snubs.

First up: Barry Bonds, one of the best cheaters baseball ever ignored.

Oh, no, history will not be recorded!! Bullshit, as everyone knows the HR (and walks and On-Base Percentage) records that he broke, and how he did it. No need to encapsulate that in a shrine.

Anyone who voted for Papi but not Bonds or Clemens should have their HOF votes permanently revoked.

Either vote for all 3 juicers or vote for no juicers.

and ARod gets 1/3 of the vote, but he actually tested positive