2022 Giro d'Italia Thread

Man Ewan crashed again, definitely his fault though (again).

Where do you watch it?

I have a subscription to GCN, I think it was fifty or sixty bucks for the entire season or something. You get pretty much every major race so it’s worth it, the only downside is that you spend way too much of your time watching races since they’re all there.

I’m actually pretty mad at Ewan, he sprints very recklessly. He brought down Sagan at the TdF last year and this year he was lucky no one else was around because it could have been worse for everyone.

Yeah, he’s definitely reckless, even by the standards of elite sprinters.

From what I read it seemed like it was a stage for the climby sprinty boys (in the WvdP mold) so for a pure sprinter like Ewan to be in the mix at the end was unexpected. He was probably so knackered after the effort that he couldn’t look up to see he was too close to the guy in front.

It was crazy watching how fast the big guys did that climb in today’s tt.

If you’re gonna watch today’s stage only the last 5k are worth watching. Even the commentators were making fun of how boring it was lol.

The Etna stage was alright. Kamna paced himself perfectly. Not much going on in the GC though.