2022 Exam 7 Progress Thread

Just to be clear here. I did not click on the links. Are you affiliated with any companies? Or do you just want to take control of my computer? :grin:

We are not affiliated with any company, but we are a small startup focusing on researching the applicability of functional programming for actuarial science. We believe we have a novel way of writing actuarial computations. So we are designing a framework that is meant to cover most material that is currently tested, and that can replicate hundreds of problem instances for each type of question. Basically like a cookbook on steroids. For now we can announce prototypes of the 3 exams mentioned above, and our hope is to get a good idea of the feasibility of all this as early as possible.

This is the weirdest coolest thing I have ever seen for testing materials.

Well, I would like to apologize to funcactus for being rude and abrupt. I had thought you were a phisherman.

I was wrong, and I am sorry.

That’s very kind of you Red, no offense taken. Thanks act_123, we aim to make it even cooler! There will be continual improvement over the next several months, both in design and quality/quantity of content

Also a big thank you for making this. I looked at the exam 5 template and it is pretty cool.

I wasn’t able to access the exam 7 site though. Seems like the link is no longer valid?

Also just curious, are you intend to keep the site up permanently, or would you be taking them down at a future date for further development? The reason I ask is I am still on my first pass so I won’t be actually start grinding questions until mid/late Oct. If you are planning on taking the site down sometime in the future I will alter my study schedule accordingly.

You’re welcome:-) Sorry about the broken exam 7 link, we’ll be working off a domain name in the next little bit. For now, our exam 7 tool can now be viewed here:

If we have to take it down it’ll probably be after December. In the meantime you can expect to see more and more templates being added.

Seems really cool.
Sorry if I missed any post that answers my question but do you have something like this for exam 8?

We don’t have anything in active development for exam 8 for now, unfortunately. But I wouldn’t discount it yet for next year’s sitting

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I’ll be sitting for (hopefully) my last exam for FCAS depending on Exam 8 results. Anyone want to rank 7, 8, and 9 in terms of difficulty?

I think 7 is about the same as 8 with a higher pass rate. The material is harder though if you are a pricing actuary…

I want to complain that with excel… I think quite a few of the subject that weren’t testable on pen and paper is now testable… so… that sucks…

yes I’m officially in for Spring 2022 exam 7.

What shape of the dalgona candy will you draw, that is the question…

Not sure if I want to go for this or 9. Can someone choose it for me?
I prefer the one with the higher chance of me passing. I know, it’s a loaded statement.

You gotta pass them both eventually so just pick one

Or both in one sitting?

I’ll be here. But not for another few weeks…also may end up missing the exam anyway if my wife goes into labor, so it should be a fun time. :stuck_out_tongue:

Does anyone want to study with me?

Aren’t we all just studying together here? :smiley:
I don’t think I have the energy to start Exam 7 yet. I need to give myself a few weeks of some “self time” to reset.