2022 Double Elimination Reverse Suicide Pool

I didn’t see a thread on this, so I figured I’d start one.

Returning for the 18th season is the Double Elimination Reverse Suicide Pool!!!

Prior Winners:

2005: Butters
2006: ReserveRage
2007: PosterNutBag
2008: Da Bears!
2009: Kid Rock
2010: Warrior04
2011: Random Poster
2012: Random Poster
2013: manaknight14
2014: Whiskey!
2015: therealsylvos
2016: Ultimate Anyone!
2017: accobra_kid
2018: Jahiegal
2019: 3Rookie
2020: OutDoorManNowActuary
2021: twig93


  1. Pick a team each week of the NFL season. If they win or tie, you get a strike. If you get 2 strikes, you are out.
  2. You may only pick each team once during the contest.
  3. If you fail to make a pick, you will get a strike and the team whose ‘city’ is closest to A will no longer be available to you.
  4. A pick must be GA timestamped by 15 minutes before the kickoff of the game the team is involved in to be valid.
  5. Do not edit posts with a pick in it. I will use your last valid post as your pick for the week, so if you want to make a change, just make a new post.
  6. If I make an error in the official picks/standings post, you are responsible for pointing it out and having me make the correction.
  7. If all remaining players get a Strike 2 in the same week, all affected players will continue on to the following week.

Special Week 18 Rules
If more than 1 person survives to week 18, the following rules apply:

(1) Each player should submit a list to me via PM of all 15 teams they have remaining, in order from most likely to lose to least likely to lose.

(2) Picks are due 1 hour before the first game of the week.

(3) Once the deadline is past, I will post a table of the picks.

(4) There are essentially 15 separate week 18s. For 18-1, everyone’s first pick will be evaluated, and you will advance or get a strike. If it is your second strike, you will be eliminated. We then move on to 18-2, 18-3, 18-4, etc until we have a single winner.

(5) If all remaining players are eliminated in a particular round, then no one will receive a strike for that round and we will continue on.

(6) If two or more players survive past 18-15, they will be co-champions.

Now for some really important questions:

  1. Should we bring back z[Team]Suck this year in a similar fashion to zLionsSuck last year?

  2. If you answered Yes to 1: Should it be the Lions again?

  3. If you answered Yes then No: Which team would you like to see with this illustrious honor?

  4. Regardless of how you answered the prior questions: If we do have such an entry, how should we handle that team’s Bye week? (Should they survive that long, of course.)

w1 Da Bears

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I don’t really care. I’d suggest seeing if a team gets off to an 0-5 start and than add them as zTexanSuck, looks like Texans and Falcons have lowest over/under wins @4.5 this year. As for BYE give them either the team with fewest wins playing that week or team facing largest point spread. But it’s really just a novelty entry so whatever you do or do not do with it doesn’t really matter.

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Week 1: CIN


As for the Sucks team . . . perhaps look at who finished dead last for the 2021 regular season.

  • This would make it the Jags, but they have a new coach . . . so . . .
  • Lions tied one game, so that put them slightly ahead of the the Jags . . . and I don’t think all that much changed for the team (apart from draft picks)
  • Texans, Giants, and Jets are in the basement. Of these, I’d recommend the Jets as they had the worst “net points” (of this group), losing every game against their division rivals and non-conference opponents.

As for the BYE week, I suggest using the opponent of a playing team with the best record if we want a reason for them to be knocked out . . . I say if the team hadn’t won a game to that point, I say let them ride to after the BYE week.

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Wk 1: Seattle

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Week 1: Steelers

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a lot of home dogs



Week 1: Houston Texans

And I’ll give my Week 1 entry too: Steelers

Here’s what I have so far: only 7 entrants to date, but there’s still plenty of time to get your Week 1 picks in.

Player S1 S2 W1
### No No PIT
twig No No PIT

BTW, I’m working on my spreadsheet and having trouble coming up with a formula to check for duplicate entries. By the time I took over last year there were so few entrants that I was just checking manually. I’m having trouble getting FREQUENCY or MATCH or COUNTIF to recognize duplicate entries. Any ideas?

if you make a Key concatenate PLAYERTEAM, you just need a vlookup off your master list for the same Key

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perhaps make use of a sumproduct that “grows” each week. For example, for “week k”:

=sumproduct((player_list = player)*(week_1_list = week_k_entry)*(week_2_list = week_k_entry)* . . . *1)

where you iterate through to week k-1. If the result is 1 for the row, then you have a duplicate entry.

(This also relies on consistent format of selected teams.)

Yep, I gotta delete the current week off the key, but then this works. Well, I used FIND, not VLOOKUP, but the general idea is working.


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Week 1: Steelers

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Gimme da Bears!

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Week one: PIT, please

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