2022 CAS Elections

2022 slate is out: Meet the Candidates | Casualty Actuarial Society

Man I wish the AO was still around so I could dig through our current President Elects old posts :frowning:

This will be my first time voting (assuming my FCAS gets recognized in time). Who are y’all voting for? i don’t know any of these people…

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How many board seats are open each election? How many people do we vote for?

Too bad kesha isn’t running this year

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yay another asian

And too bad Frank isn’t actually running for a board seat. Like if they had run at the same time, that would have been amazing.

We could have instituted debates just this election. Oh what could have been.

nO moRe wHitE mAleS

After reading through their statements, assuming we pick 4 candidates my provisional ballot probably looks like (in alphabetical order):


Will see how everyone responds to the questions.

Vote for the 3 women and 1 asian.
Easy choice.

Does not appear to be any Finnish people.

I’m boycotting.

I’d done some work (committees or something like it) with gleba and rohde. both would get my vote based on my experiences with them. two to go from there for me (have to read more of them).

There’s a guy who says a majority of members oppose the DEI policy… no way that’s true right? Surprising an outright lie is allowed like that.

EDIT: Oh god it gets worse. He quotes MLK at the end. Also says “Some ethnic groups will outdo other ethnic groups on actuarial exams. When these number become available, there may be pressure from within the CAS from outside the CAS to have policies that give special preferences to particular ethnic groups.” This guy is so scared, yikes.

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sounds about white


This makes taking the upper exams feel really weird

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Say their names

Destroy his reputation

david skurnick

i can’t affect his reputation. i suspect he can affect his own.


the we love the cas folks have a survey out. i found it poorly worded or lacking in ability to clarify an answer. I am sure the responses (given the mailing list of folks who don’t auto delete their emails) will be overwhelmingly lined up with their baseline beliefs anyway.


I’ve been involved and supportive of African American advancement longer than some of you have been alive. As a young man, I bussed to Washington D.C. to hear Martin Luther King speak. Over the years I donated a great deal of money to the NAACP and several other civil rights organizations. My extended family is multi-racial. The author Lizzy Skurnick identifies herself as black.

MLK believed in a color-blind society. He wanted to reduce the focus on race. Somehow, much of the current thinking is to put extra focus on race. I think MLK was right. I think his approach is the best way to seek progress.

Hi David,

Do you believe diversity is something that should be actively pursued within the actuarial community? If so, then how?

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Black Americans today still suffer from the effects of slavery and Jim Crow. I think all organizations should make an extra effort, because of this history. The CAS should make every effort to attract blacks into an actuarial career. One way would be to provide information to historically black colleges and universities and for CAS to members to make personal visits to these schools. We can point out that although the US still suffers from some racism, the CAS exams are totally free of racism.