2022 Annual Meeting?

Any rumors yet on where the 2022 Annual Meeting is going to be held? Or when they typically announce the location?

They typically have two, one in Spring and one in Fall. The Spring meeting is in Orlando, FL but I don’t think the Fall location has been announced. Also I’m assuming you’re asking for the CAS.

interesting information

It will be in Minneapolis

I wonder how they chose Minneapolis. It seems like the southern half of the country is the obvious choice for a conference in November.

Most of the southern half of the country has passed legislation that begs for boycotts.

Should have done Hawaii again :frowning:

Anyone know the process for deferring? I just earned my Fellowship, but can’t go to the Fall meeting. Who do I talk to move to the Spring?

More details are up regarding the annual meeting, but unless there’s a Disneyworld in MN, the text needs to be updated…

we snuck it in over 4th of july.