2022-23 NCAA Women’s College Basketball Discussion

I talked the social committee into including a women’s bracket this year and we got almost as many entrants as for the men’s.

I have a perfect bracket so far after 10 games - my best ever start.


I saw something that said on the Men’s side there were 0 perfect brackets, I think after the 3rd day out of over 20,000,000.

On the Women’s side they said there are 2 our of 2,100,000 still perfect after 3 days.

The women still have one more day of play before their sweet 16 is set, but they currently have 7 of the 8 top ranked teams in the sweet 16 with only #1 seed Stanford losing. And they could end up with 15 of the top 16 seeds making the sweet 16.

On the Men’s side they only have 9 of the top 16 seeds in the sweet 16.

Seems a little easier to pick the women. They had 7 upsets in the first round and a 12 over 5 was the biggest upset. They had two 12’s, one 11, two 10, and two 9’s.

The men also had 7 upsets in the first round with a 16, a 15, a 13, a 11 a 10, and 2 9’s.