2022-23 NCAA Women’s College Basketball Discussion

I talked the social committee into including a women’s bracket this year and we got almost as many entrants as for the men’s.

I have a perfect bracket so far after 10 games - my best ever start.


I saw something that said on the Men’s side there were 0 perfect brackets, I think after the 3rd day out of over 20,000,000.

On the Women’s side they said there are 2 our of 2,100,000 still perfect after 3 days.

The women still have one more day of play before their sweet 16 is set, but they currently have 7 of the 8 top ranked teams in the sweet 16 with only #1 seed Stanford losing. And they could end up with 15 of the top 16 seeds making the sweet 16.

On the Men’s side they only have 9 of the top 16 seeds in the sweet 16.

Seems a little easier to pick the women. They had 7 upsets in the first round and a 12 over 5 was the biggest upset. They had two 12’s, one 11, two 10, and two 9’s.

The men also had 7 upsets in the first round with a 16, a 15, a 13, a 11 a 10, and 2 9’s.

Go Iowa!!

I hardly ever watch sports, but I did check out this weekend’s highlights after finding out in Sunday School yesterday that I frequently walk by Caitlin Clark’s house, 0.4 miles from my own house.

From the city (West Des Moines) that gave you Olympian Shawn Johnson…


Her mom used to work at the company I work at.

And the sum of seeds of the Women’s Final Four is 7.

OK, this is pretty cool. Cheer squad actually useful for once.

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In the tourney this year, the “mop guy” was able to dislodge the ball

I think this was today.

Phenomenal performance by Caitlin Clark!


This happened last year too when the cheer leader was required to save the day. Maybe it’s part of the job description.

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Yeah, that was a very fun game to watch. I have heard Clark being called Curry- esque, and i can see it.

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I’ve seen this twice this year. You would think that they would position the clock just high enough that it wouldn’t block the basketball. Poor engineering design.

It was interesting watching how she played defense. Even after the other woman hit a couple 3’s they still didn’t take her that seriously and kept Clark in the middle of the key, doubling the bigs of LSU.

Not really an Iowa fan though had a little connection to Clark but more just amazed by her skills.

With that said, I wish they would do more about coaches that constantly go out onto the court especially when the ball is on their end of the court.

Second, I was pretty disappointed in the T that the ref gave Clark.

Third, they should have given an unsportsmanlike T to the LSU’s #10 Angel Reese who in the last 5 seconds of the game ran to the Iowa end of the court to get in front of Clark to give her the “here’s where my ring goes” sign. That was a little over the top. The other places where they did it I only thought it was bad form, but when the Iowa players were returning to their bench because the game was over and she ran into the back court when LSU had the ball in the front court was a little over the top.

Do the guys do that so openly? I’ll have to watch closely tomorrow night.

Please report for me. I’m not planning to watch.
Yeah, and the LSU coach is no prize, either. Note how she gave no shits about Brittney Griner (former player under her at Baylor) BECAUSE she is gay.

The LSU coach was ridiculous all game with her antics. Literally ran in to a ref at least once and wasn’t even given a warning. If you’re going to give Clark that ridiculous T, LSU’s coach deserved 10+ during the course of the game.

I didn’t mind Reese pulling out Clark’s “you can’t see me” sign. I DID mind Reese chasing her around the court to make sure she got in her face. That’s what was unnecessary and bush league, imo. Also, she did it when the game was virtually over. If you’re going to talk sh*t, do it when the game is going and not when you know you’re going to win. That’s soft.

I also don’t understand the narrative they created that they were disrespected by Clark? Because Clark wasn’t guarding a South Carolina player and flipped her hand at said SC player? How is that disrespecting LSU…?

There is a massive amount of chirping back and forth during men’s athletics.


Yeah, I didn’t have a problem when she threw the “you can’t see me” while lined up for the foul shot. But to chase her down in the final seconds, I agree was bush league.

She claimed the disrespect was toward the SEC but I imagine if LSU had beaten USC for the championship she’d have done something just like that.

And I don’t know why they seem to be required to give the MVP to someone from the winning team. Caitlin Clark was far and away the most valuable player of the tournament hands down.

Turns out it’s a white vs black thing now. Clark apparently made the same gesture to some USC player(s) in the prior game, everyone (social media, media) said, “wow, what moxie!” Reese does it and now it’s bush league and ghetto.
Not sure why Reese had an issue with Clark’s and Iowa’s beating USC. The SEC teams are that close? I thought that was just idiot fans bragging about the conference their team is in.

Clark says she didn’t even notice.

It was against Louisville in the Elite Eight. USC didn’t make it past the first round.

Ah. Shows how much I know.