2021 GoActuary Jahiegel Memorial NFL Full Season Pick’em Contest

Welcome to the 2021 Jahiegel Memorial NFL Full Season Pick’em Contest.

This game was started in 2009 by @Jables (RIP), and we now head into the 13th season of it.

With the demise of the AO, I only have the first and last pages of most seasons which you may view here:

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Now it’s time to start it up again for the 2021 season.

The basic concept is to have a pick’em contest, where all the picks are made before the start of the season, as opposed to a regular week-by-week pick’em league. All of the bets are straight up wins and losses - nothing involving the spread or any of that.

The second post of this thread will have the entire 2021 NFL schedule in it, week-by-week. All you need to do to enter is quote that post and let me know who you think will win each of the (2^4)x17 games in the season. You can either delete the teams you think will lose from each matchup or retype (after the semicolon) the team you think will win. Whoever has the best predictions at the end of the season wins. After each week’s games are over, I’ll make a post showing everyone’s weekly and year-to-date results.

ALTERNATIVE METHOD OF ENTRY: Send an email to actuary1695814 [at] gmail. I will respond with an excel spreadsheet that you can fill out. Send that back to me and you’ll be entered.

Here are some other details that you might find interesting:

Overall Winner Tiebreaker: In the case of an overall tie the winner will be whomever first submitted their picks.

Weekly Awards: In addition, there will be awards for the weekly winner(s).

  • Whichever player(s) compile(s) the best record in a given week will be given a chance to improve their standing in the game.
  • When two or more players tie for the best weekly record ALL of those players will receive the “Change One Future Pick” award.
  • The earliest entrant will also receive the (usually) non-negative award as dictated by the schedule.

Award Declaration Deadlines: A “Change One Future Pick” award may be held until the moment before the last week’s kickoff, but, of course, must be declared before the kickoff of the game it affects. Whereas, the non-negative awards must be declared before kickoff of the next week.

Default Option: For all of the non-negative awards, I will assign a default option that you can overrule by simply declaring how you would like to use the award.

Here’s a full explanation of the awards (which are up for discussion & subject to change until the season starts at my whim)…

Weekly Awards

Change one future pick: Pretty self-explanatory. Change one of your future picks. Use for any week (including Week 1). Declare before the kickoff of the game it affects. Expires at the end of the season.

more info on the COFP award

A COFP, once declared, should not be changed.

Of course, if you have a COFP left over, you could use that to undo your original COFP.

As with many GoA contests, we run on the honor system (aka the honour system). If you change your mind within two minutes of posting, it’s probably safe and, imo, NOT-UNsportsmanlike to undo your post. If you change your mind within two hours and the intern hasn’t noted your declaration, you can probably get away with it and still have a clear conscience. If you change your mind within two days, well, you’d better have a long, hard look at your life choices and why this game is so important to you.

Further, If, by chance, you’re taking your strategery to a new level for this contest and would prefer that your COFP choices be kept secret, you may PM or email (actuary1695814 [at] gmail) them to me. I will store them in a lockbox and not announce them until the weekly recap. This could prevent another player from mimicking your changes so as to prevent you from making a move on them standings-wise.

You’re Gonna’ Like the Pick You Made…I Guarantee It: This will allow the winner of this award to guarantee one matchup from week 18 as a win.

Lovable Losers: This will allow the winner of this award to guarantee one win from any week for the team they picked to win the least. (If you picked a team to go 0-17 then you’ll need to pick for the next least-winning team.)

Jables’ Home Field Advantage: Jables said that home field is worth roughly 3 points in determining the gambling lines. Winning this award allows you (and only you) to add 3 points to the scores of all the road teams (that you chose to win) for a given week for your picks only. As a result, it could change some of your losses to ties or even wins for you. For those players who went extra heavy on the home teams, I will allow this award to be used to add 1 point to the scores of all the home teams instead (possibly changing a tie to a win, or a loss to a tie).

Random Poster’s Lucky 7: If you win this award you will have seven points to distribute to improve the scores of your chosen teams. You may spread it among as many teams & weeks as you desire. Only whole-points may be used. (E.g., you chose team A to beat team B, team C to beat team D, team E to beat team F, and team G to beat team H. You added 3 points to team A and 2 points to team C and 1 point to team E and 1 point to team G. Team A loses 23-21, team C loses 23-20, team E loses 23-22, and team G wins 42-0. In your case team A would turn out to be a win, team C is still a loss, team E turns out to be a tie, and you wasted points on team G since it was a win regardless.)

Numbers’ Nudge: This is an enhanced version of the RPL7 award. The winner of this award will have n points to distribute in the same way as the RPL7 award. n is determined by the number of wins correctly predicted in the week this award is won. The results of this award affect only the award winner’s results.

Choose Your Own Adventure Award: If you win this award you get to choose one award from a selection of two non-negative awards and two higher-variance, possibly-negative awards:

  • Jables’ Home Field Advantage
  • Random Poster’s Lucky 7
  • The Arbitrary Award - If you use this award you may flip your pick for all non-Divisional games for one team for the rest of the season.
  • The Arbitrary’s Lucky 7 Award - If you use this award you will flip your picks for exactly seven games in a week of your choosing.

Nice Little Lead You Got There…It Would Be A Shame If Something Were To [ahem] Happen To It: If you win this award you’ll be able to insure that all of the teams you picked for the week you declare do not blow a seven or more point lead that they had at the end of the 3rd quarter.

AStudent’s GroupThink: No thinking necessary - if you win this award, your record for Week 18 will be the better of Your Picks or that of the Consensus.

Last Week Winner: The winner of week 18 automatically has a week 18 loss turned into a win. (If the winner has a perfect week, then there is, in effect, no award since there is no loss to be turned into a win.)

Perfect Weekly Record: If you should manage a perfect weekly record, you will receive DOUBLE the scheduled weekly award (this wouldn’t apply to week 17 nor 18) and you’ll get that week named after you in perpetuity.

Awards Schedule

Week 1: You’re Gonna’ Like the Pick You Made…I Guarantee It
Week 2: You’re Gonna’ Like the Pick You Made…I Guarantee It
The Arbitrary’s Week 3: Lovable Losers
Week 4: Lovable Losers
Week 5: Lovable Losers
Week 6: Jables’ Home Field Advantage
Week 7: Jables’ Home Field Advantage
Week 8: Choose Your Own Adventure Award
Week 9: Choose Your Own Adventure Award
Week 10: Choose Your Own Adventure Award
Week 11: Random Poster’s Lucky 7
Week 12: Random Poster’s Lucky 7
Week 13: Numbers’ Nudge
Week 14: Numbers’ Nudge
Week 15: Nice Little Lead You Got There…It Would Be A Shame If Something Were To [ahem] Happen To It
Week 16: Nice Little Lead You Got There…It Would Be A Shame If Something Were To [ahem] Happen To It
Week 17: AStudent’s GroupThink
Week 18: Last Week Winner

Early entrants will receive a number of Change one future pick awards depending on how early your selections are made. The number of awards received will be based on a schedule:
Submit before [event, date & time] & receive n COFP awards.

Event Date & Time n
Arrival of the Swiss at the Port-Noir 06/01/2021 11:59 PM ET 5
Canada Day 07/01/2021 11:59 PM ET 3
Hall of Fame Game 08/05/2021 08:00 PM ET 1

After submitting your picks, if you want to make any changes to them you are free to do so. However, you must make a new post. If you edit your old post, I won’t see it, and your change will not be recognized. Obviously, making a new post will result in a new time stamp on your entry sending you to the back of the line, possibly losing your early-entrant-COFP awards, and, even worse, opens you to mockery & ridicule. You also have the option of using any of your early-entrant-COFP awards, should you have any. This will maintain your place in line, and any other early-entrant-COFP awards that you haven’t used, but, most of all, you are still subject to mockery & ridicule.

The season starts with Cowboys @ Buccaneers at 8:20 PM ET on Thursday, September 9th, so I’ll need all entries in by then. That gives you plenty of time to submit your predictions. However, I’ll allow entries up until the start of the Sunday games on Sept 12th, but you’ll be given a loss for the Cowboys @ Buccaneers season-opening game.

What’s in it for you? The winner will receive the adulation of many, a permanent seat in the GoA NFL Full Season Pick 'Em Contest Hall of Fame, & the naming rights for the “[fitb] 2022 [fitb] NFL [fitb] Full Season Pick’em Contest [fitb]”.

Finally, please keep in mind, mistakes and other unforeseen circumstances are going to happen. When they do, we’ll deal with them and move on. Your patience and understanding, especially with my intern (who is prone to the most egregious of errors), are necessary conditions of making this whole thing go. The participants of the GoA NFL Full Season Pick’em Contests have always been known for their good sportsmanship, jovial banter, and above average looks. Let’s continue that tradition.

Highlight this post with your cursor
Select the “Quote” pop up icon
The details-tags will disappear, so insert “[details]” on it’s own line before “Week 1…” and put “[/details]” on its own line after “…Neutral;”
Delete all other superfluous information in this post, and, if you so choose, add your own witty comment.

GoA entry form

Week 1;Cowboys@Buccaneers;
Week 1;Cardinals@Titans;
Week 1;Jaguars@Texans;
Week 1;Chargers@Washington;
Week 1;Vikings@Bengals;
Week 1;Jets@Panthers;
Week 1;Eagles@Falcons;
Week 1;Steelers@Bills;
Week 1;49ers@Lions;
Week 1;Seahawks@Colts;
Week 1;Browns@Chiefs;
Week 1;Broncos@Giants;
Week 1;Packers@Saints;
Week 1;Dolphins@Patriots;
Week 1;Bears@Rams;
Week 1;Ravens@Raiders;
Week 2;Giants@Washington;
Week 2;Bills@Dolphins;
Week 2;Bengals@Bears;
Week 2;Broncos@Jaguars;
Week 2;Texans@Browns;
Week 2;Raiders@Steelers;
Week 2;Rams@Colts;
Week 2;Patriots@Jets;
Week 2;Saints@Panthers;
Week 2;49ers@Eagles;
Week 2;Falcons@Buccaneers;
Week 2;Vikings@Cardinals;
Week 2;Cowboys@Chargers;
Week 2;Titans@Seahawks;
Week 2;Lions@Packers;
Week 2;Chiefs@Ravens;
TheArbitrary’s Week 3;Panthers@Texans;
TheArbitrary’s Week 3;Cardinals@Jaguars;
TheArbitrary’s Week 3;Falcons@Giants;
TheArbitrary’s Week 3;Ravens@Lions;
TheArbitrary’s Week 3;Bears@Browns;
TheArbitrary’s Week 3;Bengals@Steelers;
TheArbitrary’s Week 3;Colts@Titans;
TheArbitrary’s Week 3;Chargers@Chiefs;
TheArbitrary’s Week 3;Saints@Patriots;
TheArbitrary’s Week 3;Washington@Bills;
TheArbitrary’s Week 3;Dolphins@Raiders;
TheArbitrary’s Week 3;Jets@Broncos;
TheArbitrary’s Week 3;Seahawks@Vikings;
TheArbitrary’s Week 3;Buccaneers@Rams;
TheArbitrary’s Week 3;Packers@49ers;
TheArbitrary’s Week 3;Eagles@Cowboys;
Week 4;Jaguars@Bengals;
Week 4;Panthers@Cowboys;
Week 4;Browns@Vikings;
Week 4;Lions@Bears;
Week 4;Texans@Bills;
Week 4;Colts@Dolphins;
Week 4;Chiefs@Eagles;
Week 4;Giants@Saints;
Week 4;Titans@Jets;
Week 4;Washington@Falcons;
Week 4;Cardinals@Rams;
Week 4;Seahawks@49ers;
Week 4;Ravens@Broncos;
Week 4;Steelers@Packers;
Week 4;Buccaneers@Patriots;
Week 4;Raiders@Chargers;
Week 5;Rams@Seahawks;
Week 5;Jets@Falcons;
Week 5;Broncos@Steelers;
Week 5;Lions@Vikings;
Week 5;Packers@Bengals;
Week 5;Dolphins@Buccaneers;
Week 5;Patriots@Texans;
Week 5;Saints@Washington;
Week 5;Eagles@Panthers;
Week 5;Titans@Jaguars;
Week 5;Bears@Raiders;
Week 5;Browns@Chargers;
Week 5;Giants@Cowboys;
Week 5;49ers@Cardinals;
Week 5;Bills@Chiefs;
Week 5;Colts@Ravens;
Week 6;Buccaneers@Eagles;
Week 6;Dolphins@Jaguars;
Week 6;Bengals@Lions;
Week 6;Packers@Bears;
Week 6;Texans@Colts;
Week 6;Chiefs@Washington;
Week 6;Chargers@Ravens;
Week 6;Rams@Giants;
Week 6;Vikings@Panthers;
Week 6;Cardinals@Browns;
Week 6;Cowboys@Patriots;
Week 6;Raiders@Broncos;
Week 6;Seahawks@Steelers;
Week 6;Bills@Titans;
Week 7;Broncos@Browns;
Week 7;Falcons@Dolphins;
Week 7;Panthers@Giants;
Week 7;Bengals@Ravens;
Week 7;Chiefs@Titans;
Week 7;Jets@Patriots;
Week 7;Washington@Packers;
Week 7;Lions@Rams;
Week 7;Eagles@Raiders;
Week 7;Bears@Buccaneers;
Week 7;Texans@Cardinals;
Week 7;Colts@49ers;
Week 7;Saints@Seahawks;
Week 8;Packers@Cardinals;
Week 8;Panthers@Falcons;
Week 8;Bengals@Jets;
Week 8;Rams@Texans;
Week 8;Dolphins@Bills;
Week 8;Eagles@Lions;
Week 8;Steelers@Browns;
Week 8;49ers@Bears;
Week 8;Titans@Colts;
Week 8;Jaguars@Seahawks;
Week 8;Patriots@Chargers;
Week 8;Buccaneers@Saints;
Week 8;Washington@Broncos;
Week 8;Cowboys@Vikings;
Week 8;Giants@Chiefs;
Week 9;Jets@Colts;
Week 9;Falcons@Saints;
Week 9;Bills@Jaguars;
Week 9;Browns@Bengals;
Week 9;Broncos@Cowboys;
Week 9;Texans@Dolphins;
Week 9;Raiders@Giants;
Week 9;Vikings@Ravens;
Week 9;Patriots@Panthers;
Week 9;Chargers@Eagles;
Week 9;Cardinals@49ers;
Week 9;Packers@Chiefs;
Week 9;Titans@Rams;
Week 9;Bears@Steelers;
Week 10;Ravens@Dolphins;
Week 10;Falcons@Cowboys;
Week 10;Bills@Jets;
Week 10;Browns@Patriots;
Week 10;Lions@Steelers;
Week 10;Jaguars@Colts;
Week 10;Saints@Titans;
Week 10;Buccaneers@Washington;
Week 10;Panthers@Cardinals;
Week 10;Vikings@Chargers;
Week 10;Eagles@Broncos;
Week 10;Seahawks@Packers;
Week 10;Chiefs@Raiders;
Week 10;Rams@49ers;
Week 11;Patriots@Falcons;
Week 11;Ravens@Bears;
Week 11;Lions@Browns;
Week 11;Packers@Vikings;
Week 11;Texans@Titans;
Week 11;Colts@Bills;
Week 11;Dolphins@Jets;
Week 11;Saints@Eagles;
Week 11;49ers@Jaguars;
Week 11;Washington@Panthers;
Week 11;Bengals@Raiders;
Week 11;Cardinals@Seahawks;
Week 11;Cowboys@Chiefs;
Week 11 in London;Steelers@Chargers;
Week 11;Giants@Buccaneers;
Week 12;Bears@Lions;
Week 12;Raiders@Cowboys;
Week 12;Bills@Saints;
Week 12;Falcons@Jaguars;
Week 12;Panthers@Dolphins;
Week 12;Jets@Texans;
Week 12;Eagles@Giants;
Week 12;Steelers@Bengals;
Week 12;Buccaneers@Colts;
Week 12;Titans@Patriots;
Week 12;Chargers@Broncos;
Week 12;Rams@Packers;
Week 12;Vikings@49ers;
Week 12;Browns@Ravens;
Week 12;Seahawks@Washington;
Week 13;Cowboys@Saints;
Week 13;Cardinals@Bears;
Week 13;Broncos@Chiefs;
Week 13;Colts@Texans;
Week 13;Chargers@Bengals;
Week 13;Vikings@Lions;
Week 13;Giants@Dolphins;
Week 13;Eagles@Jets;
Week 13;Buccaneers@Falcons;
Week 13;Washington@Raiders;
Week 13;Ravens@Steelers;
Week 13;Jaguars@Rams;
Week 13;49ers@Seahawks;
Week 13;Patriots@Bills;
Week 14;Steelers@Vikings;
Week 14;Falcons@Panthers;
Week 14;Ravens@Browns;
Week 14;Cowboys@Washington;
Week 14;Jaguars@Titans;
Week 14;Raiders@Chiefs;
Week 14;Saints@Jets;
Week 14;49ers@Bengals;
Week 14;Seahawks@Texans;
Week 14;Lions@Broncos;
Week 14;Giants@Chargers;
Week 14 in London;Bills@Buccaneers;
Week 14;Bears@Packers;
Week 14;Rams@Cardinals;
Week 15;Chiefs@Chargers;
Week 15;Cardinals@Lions;
Week 15;Panthers@Bills;
Week 15;Cowboys@Giants;
Week 15;Packers@Ravens;
Week 15;Texans@Jaguars;
Week 15;Raiders@Browns;
Week 15;Patriots@Colts;
Week 15;Jets@Dolphins;
Week 15;Titans@Steelers;
Week 15;Washington@Eagles;
Week 15;Falcons@49ers;
Week 15;Bengals@Broncos;
Week 15;Seahawks@Rams;
Week 15;Saints@Buccaneers;
Week 15;Vikings@Bears;
Week 16;49ers@Titans;
Week 16;Browns@Packers;
Week 16;Colts@Cardinals;
Week 16;Ravens@Bengals;
Week 16;Bills@Patriots;
Week 16;Lions@Falcons;
Week 16;Jaguars@Jets;
Week 16;Chargers@Texans;
Week 16;Rams@Vikings;
Week 16;Giants@Eagles;
Week 16;Buccaneers@Panthers;
Week 16;Bears@Seahawks;
Week 16;Broncos@Raiders;
Week 16;Steelers@Chiefs;
Week 16;Washington@Cowboys;
Week 16;Dolphins@Saints;
Week 17;Cardinals@Cowboys;
Week 17;Falcons@Bills;
Week 17;Panthers@Saints;
Week 17;Jaguars@Patriots;
Week 17;Chiefs@Bengals;
Week 17;Raiders@Colts;
Week 17;Dolphins@Titans;
Week 17;Giants@Bears;
Week 17;Eagles@Washington;
Week 17;Buccaneers@Jets;
Week 17;Broncos@Chargers;
Week 17;Texans@49ers;
Week 17;Lions@Seahawks;
Week 17;Rams@Ravens;
Week 17;Vikings@Packers;
Week 17;Browns@Steelers;
Week 18;Panthers@Buccaneers;
Week 18;Bears@Vikings;
Week 18;Bengals@Browns;
Week 18;Cowboys@Eagles;
Week 18;Packers@Lions;
Week 18;Colts@Jaguars;
Week 18;Patriots@Dolphins;
Week 18;Saints@Falcons;
Week 18;Jets@Bills;
Week 18;Steelers@Ravens;
Week 18;Titans@Texans;
Week 18;Washington@Giants;
Week 18;Chiefs@Broncos;
Week 18;Chargers@Raiders;
Week 18;49ers@Rams;
Week 18;Seahawks@Cardinals;
Which gender pronoun should I use to refer to you?;Male,Female, or Neutral;

Delete everything in each row except for the team you think will win OR enter the name of the team you think will win after the final semicolon in each row.

Do not add/insert rows to the form.

Also, please answer the one followup question. (Given the subscribe-functionality of the GoA board, PMs will not be sent this year.)

Alternatively, send an email to actuary1695814 [at] gmail requesting an entry form.

Participation by Year:
2009: 20
2010: 23
2011: 31
2012: 19
2013: 32
2014: 34
2015: 27
2016: 24
2017: 33
2018: 27
2019: 27
2020: 19


  1. UltimateAnyone
  2. Mountainhawk
  3. Ezekial_Cumberland
  4. Vorian_Atreides
  5. OutdoormanNowActuary
  6. IPD
  7. PatientZombie
  8. Grizz
  9. Funemployed
  10. twig93
  11. TheArbitrary
  12. A695814
  13. redearedslider
  14. Kid_Rock
  15. Carrie’s Carebears
  16. 3rookie
  17. ldancer911
  18. A_Student
  19. Jahiegel
  20. JudgeSmails

Preseason Awards:

The Great Minds Think Alike award for the two most correlated entries goes to A695814 & Jahiegel for an astounding 93.4% correlation. This is the 3rd year in a row that Jahiegel has won this award. Good thing he showed up for it.

The Opposites Attract award for the two least correlated entries goes to Mountainhawk & Vorian_Atreides with a measly 55.9% correlation.

The Sheep award for the most correlated with the Consensus picks goes to Jahiegel with a correlation of 93.8%. Good thing he showed up for it.

The Goat award for the least correlated with the Consensus picks goes to both Mountainhawk & Vorian_Atreides who had a correlation of only 70.2%.

The Homer award for the player who chose the most home teams goes to Ezekial_Cumberland (93.8%).

The Rough Road Ahead award for the player who chose the most away teams goes to Carrie’s Carebears (52.9%). Interesting historical note: The 2020 season was the first where the home teams had a losing record.


 1 Bills over Steelers :-1:
   Chiefs over Browns :+1:
   Rams over Bears :+1:

 2 Browns over Texans :+1:

 3 Steelers over Bengals :-1:
   Bills over Washington :+1:

 4 Cowboys over Panthers :+1:
   Bills over Texans :+1:
   Chiefs over Eagles :+1:
   Chargers over Raiders :+1:

 5 Buccaneers over Dolphins :+1:

 6 Colts over Texans :+1:

 7 Ravens over Bengals :-1:
   Rams over Lions :+1:
   Buccaneers over Bears :+1:
   Cardinals over Texans :+1:

 8 Bills over Dolphins :+1:
   Seahawks over Jaguars :+1:
   Chiefs over Giants :+1:

9 Colts over Jets :+1:
   Bills over Jaguars :-1:
   Ravens over Vikings :+1:

10 Cardinals over Panthers :-1:

11 Bills over Colts :-1:
   Chiefs over Cowboys :+1:
   Buccaneers over Giants :+1:

13 Chiefs over Broncos :+1:
   Rams over Jaguars :+1:

14 Chiefs over Raiders :+1:

15 Bills over Panthers  :+1:
   Dolphins over Jets :+1:
   49ers over Falcons :+1:
16 Seahawks over Bears :-1:

17 Bills over Falcons :+1:
   Patriots over Jaguars :+1:
   Buccaneers over Jets :+1:
   Seahawks over Lions :+1:

18 Browns over Bengals
   Bills over Jets

Here are the current members of the FSPHOF :


Champ player wins losses ties % #
+++ TheArbitrary 1901 1160 11 62.06 12
+ PatientZombie 1897 1164 11 61.93 12
Kid_Rock 1862 1200 10 60.77 12
rekrap 1861 1202 9 60.73 12
+ Ezekial_Cumberland 1718 1089 9 61.17 11
+ Funemployed 1580 970 10 61.91 10
+ trondogss 1358 939 7 59.09 9
+ Jahiegel 665 355 4 65.14 4
+ JUICE 630 391 3 61.67 4
+ YetAnotherCareerChanger 610 411 3 59.72 4
+ sam10gle 167 89 0 65.23 1

To qualify for the HOF a player must have either won a season or participated in all seasons*. This implies, of course, that a player’s membership can be revoked if they qualify only under the all-seasons provision.

*The FSPHOF committee is reviewing these requirements.

All Time Standings through 2020:

All Time Standings

Champ player wins losses ties % #
+++ TheArbitrary 1901 1160 11 0.62 12
+ PatientZombie 1897 1164 11 0.62 12
zConsensus 1886 1170 16 0.62 12
Kid_Rock 1862 1200 10 0.61 12
rekrap 1861 1202 9 0.61 12
+ Ezekial_Cumberland 1718 1089 9 0.61 11
+ Funemployed 1580 970 10 0.62 10
A_Student 1547 1004 9 0.61 10
ldancer911 1453 1097 10 0.57 10
A695814 1363 932 9 0.59 9
+ trondogss 1358 939 7 0.59 9
UltimateAnyone 1346 950 8 0.59 9
BingBoing 1219 823 6 0.60 8
zAll Home Teams 1140 900 8 0.56 8
MountainHawk 1052 737 3 0.59 7
IPD 1021 764 7 0.57 7
Carrie’s Carebears 903 627 6 0.59 6
3rookie 902 628 6 0.59 6
Standtall 890 641 5 0.58 6
DownInTexas 868 661 7 0.57 6
Vorian_Atreides 814 715 7 0.53 6
Oliver Klozov 777 499 4 0.61 5
Agadefe 704 573 3 0.55 5
+ Jahiegel 665 355 4 0.65 4
+ JUICE 630 391 3 0.62 4
+ YetAnotherCareerChanger 610 411 3 0.60 4
yankeetripper 603 419 2 0.59 4
MayanActuary 595 425 4 0.58 4
redearedslider 592 427 5 0.58 4
glassjaws 587 436 1 0.57 4
Italian Halibut 581 440 3 0.57 4
DyalDragon 523 496 5 0.51 4
bluecup129 475 290 3 0.62 3
KS6392 466 298 4 0.61 3
SirVLCIV 459 307 2 0.60 3
R Daneel Olivaw 458 307 3 0.60 3
panther 447 319 2 0.58 3
Mog 440 326 2 0.57 3
twig93 436 329 3 0.57 3
Random Poster 318 193 1 0.62 2
FastAsATurtle 312 200 0 0.61 2
tometom 311 200 1 0.61 2
keyser soze 310 202 0 0.61 2
jesusislord 310 199 3 0.61 2
The Wizard of Awe 309 201 2 0.61 2
Efc1878 306 205 1 0.60 2
WillTreaty 305 205 2 0.60 2
accobra_kid 305 206 1 0.60 2
Sheeeeeeeed 301 210 1 0.59 2
CSPAN 299 212 1 0.58 2
Sweetness0632 297 214 1 0.58 2
Ego Leonard 295 216 1 0.58 2
BallaActuary 295 217 0 0.58 2
ditkaworshipper 294 218 0 0.57 2
General Apathy 294 216 2 0.58 2
Ginormous76 293 219 0 0.57 2
MAX. 291 220 1 0.57 2
statman4 288 222 2 0.56 2
Kool-Aid Man 287 225 0 0.56 2
ichbinnreine 281 229 2 0.55 2
Happy Skunk 261 249 2 0.51 2
+ sam10gle 167 89 0 0.65 1
ultfrisbee 167 89 0 0.65 1
R2T 165 91 0 0.64 1
Abused Student 164 91 1 0.64 1
Da Bears! 164 92 0 0.64 1
punmanbowler 164 92 0 0.64 1
Schnook 163 93 0 0.64 1
SportingNews 163 93 0 0.64 1
LifeIsAPoissonProcess 160 96 0 0.63 1
Dr. John Zoidberg 158 97 1 0.62 1
gomer_tree 158 98 0 0.62 1
andyphillips 157 99 0 0.61 1
mjpetragnani 156 99 1 0.61 1
RedSoxFan 154 102 0 0.60 1
AccruedAwakening 153 102 1 0.60 1
Dr. Nuke 153 103 0 0.60 1
silentassassin 152 103 1 0.60 1
Tmaas 151 103 2 0.59 1
Dr. Stranger Things 151 104 1 0.59 1
Slippery Jim 150 105 1 0.59 1
Warrior04 149 107 0 0.58 1
InSpades 149 107 0 0.58 1
Roy Hobbs 148 107 1 0.58 1
Bruton Gastor 148 108 0 0.58 1
Hojo 147 108 1 0.58 1
Force of Interest 147 109 0 0.57 1
malkusm 145 109 2 0.57 1
Numbers Nerd 145 110 1 0.57 1
Blue Man 145 111 0 0.57 1
vividox 143 113 0 0.56 1
Gandalf 143 113 0 0.56 1
actubear 141 114 1 0.55 1
J.T. 141 115 0 0.55 1
ShundayBloodyShunday 140 114 2 0.55 1
dinosaur 139 117 0 0.54 1
Arden Bensenhaver 137 119 0 0.54 1
B695814 137 119 0 0.54 1
Browncoat 132 123 1 0.52 1

Consensus Picks:

Week;Matchup;Winner;Picks for;Picks against
Week 1;Cowboys@Buccaneers;Buccaneers;18;2
Week 1;Cardinals@Titans;Titans;18;2
Week 1;Jaguars@Texans;Jaguars;11;9
Week 1;Chargers@Washington;Washington;10;10
Week 1;Vikings@Bengals;Vikings;13;7
Week 1;Jets@Panthers;Panthers;18;2
Week 1;Eagles@Falcons;Falcons;18;2
Week 1;Steelers@Bills;Bills;20;0
Week 1;49ers@Lions;49ers;19;1
Week 1;Seahawks@Colts;Seahawks;11;9
Week 1;Browns@Chiefs;Chiefs;20;0
Week 1;Broncos@Giants;Giants;13;7
Week 1;Packers@Saints;Packers;15;5
Week 1;Dolphins@Patriots;Patriots;11;9
Week 1;Bears@Rams;Rams;20;0
Week 1;Ravens@Raiders;Ravens;16;4
Week 2;Giants@Washington;Washington;16;4
Week 2;Bills@Dolphins;Bills;17;3
Week 2;Bengals@Bears;Bears;17;3
Week 2;Broncos@Jaguars;Broncos;14;6
Week 2;Texans@Browns;Browns;20;0
Week 2;Raiders@Steelers;Steelers;18;2
Week 2;Rams@Colts;Rams;13;7
Week 2;Patriots@Jets;Patriots;17;3
Week 2;Saints@Panthers;Saints;14;6
Week 2;49ers@Eagles;49ers;15;5
Week 2;Falcons@Buccaneers;Buccaneers;19;1
Week 2;Vikings@Cardinals;Cardinals;19;1
Week 2;Cowboys@Chargers;Chargers;18;2
Week 2;Titans@Seahawks;Seahawks;17;3
Week 2;Lions@Packers;Packers;19;1
Week 2;Chiefs@Ravens;Chiefs;14;6
TheArbitrary’s Week 3;Panthers@Texans;Panthers;14;6
TheArbitrary’s Week 3;Cardinals@Jaguars;Cardinals;18;2
TheArbitrary’s Week 3;Falcons@Giants;Giants;13;7
TheArbitrary’s Week 3;Ravens@Lions;Ravens;19;1
TheArbitrary’s Week 3;Bears@Browns;Browns;19;1
TheArbitrary’s Week 3;Bengals@Steelers;Steelers;20;0
TheArbitrary’s Week 3;Colts@Titans;Titans;17;3
TheArbitrary’s Week 3;Chargers@Chiefs;Chiefs;19;1
TheArbitrary’s Week 3;Saints@Patriots;Patriots;14;6
TheArbitrary’s Week 3;Washington@Bills;Bills;20;0
TheArbitrary’s Week 3;Dolphins@Raiders;Raiders;14;6
TheArbitrary’s Week 3;Jets@Broncos;Broncos;18;2
TheArbitrary’s Week 3;Seahawks@Vikings;Seahawks;11;9
TheArbitrary’s Week 3;Buccaneers@Rams;Rams;17;3
TheArbitrary’s Week 3;Packers@49ers;49ers;13;7
TheArbitrary’s Week 3;Eagles@Cowboys;Cowboys;19;1
Week 4;Jaguars@Bengals;Bengals;18;2
Week 4;Panthers@Cowboys;Cowboys;20;0
Week 4;Browns@Vikings;Vikings;12;8
Week 4;Lions@Bears;Bears;19;1
Week 4;Texans@Bills;Bills;20;0
Week 4;Colts@Dolphins;Dolphins;13;7
Week 4;Chiefs@Eagles;Chiefs;20;0
Week 4;Giants@Saints;Saints;18;2
Week 4;Titans@Jets;Titans;18;2
Week 4;Washington@Falcons;Falcons;13;7
Week 4;Cardinals@Rams;Rams;19;1
Week 4;Seahawks@49ers;49ers;14;6
Week 4;Ravens@Broncos;Ravens;17;3
Week 4;Steelers@Packers;Packers;16;4
Week 4;Buccaneers@Patriots;Buccaneers;19;1
Week 4;Raiders@Chargers;Chargers;20;0
Week 5;Rams@Seahawks;Seahawks;16;4
Week 5;Jets@Falcons;Falcons;19;1
Week 5;Broncos@Steelers;Steelers;18;2
Week 5;Lions@Vikings;Vikings;18;2
Week 5;Packers@Bengals;Packers;14;6
Week 5;Dolphins@Buccaneers;Buccaneers;20;0
Week 5;Patriots@Texans;Patriots;17;3
Week 5;Saints@Washington;Washington;15;5
Week 5;Eagles@Panthers;Panthers;13;7
Week 5;Titans@Jaguars;Titans;19;1
Week 5;Bears@Raiders;Raiders;16;4
Week 5;Browns@Chargers;Chargers;11;9
Week 5;Giants@Cowboys;Cowboys;18;2
Week 5;49ers@Cardinals;Cardinals;14;6
Week 5;Bills@Chiefs;Chiefs;17;3
Week 5;Colts@Ravens;Ravens;19;1
Week 6;Buccaneers@Eagles;Buccaneers;19;1
Week 6;Dolphins@Jaguars;Dolphins;16;4
Week 6;Bengals@Lions;Lions;14;6
Week 6;Packers@Bears;Packers;15;5
Week 6;Texans@Colts;Colts;20;0
Week 6;Chiefs@Washington;Chiefs;18;2
Week 6;Chargers@Ravens;Ravens;18;2
Week 6;Rams@Giants;Rams;14;6
Week 6;Vikings@Panthers;Vikings;13;7
Week 6;Cardinals@Browns;Browns;17;3
Week 6;Cowboys@Patriots;Patriots;14;6
Week 6;Raiders@Broncos;Broncos;14;6
Week 6;Seahawks@Steelers;Steelers;12;8
Week 6;Bills@Titans;Bills;12;8
Week 7;Broncos@Browns;Browns;18;2
Week 7;Falcons@Dolphins;Dolphins;18;2
Week 7;Panthers@Giants;Giants;18;2
Week 7;Bengals@Ravens;Ravens;20;0
Week 7;Chiefs@Titans;Chiefs;13;7
Week 7;Jets@Patriots;Patriots;19;1
Week 7;Washington@Packers;Packers;19;1
Week 7;Lions@Rams;Rams;20;0
Week 7;Eagles@Raiders;Raiders;19;1
Week 7;Bears@Buccaneers;Buccaneers;20;0
Week 7;Texans@Cardinals;Cardinals;20;0
Week 7;Colts@49ers;49ers;17;3
Week 7;Saints@Seahawks;Seahawks;19;1
Week 8;Packers@Cardinals;Cardinals;13;7
Week 8;Panthers@Falcons;Falcons;17;3
Week 8;Bengals@Jets;Bengals;11;9
Week 8;Rams@Texans;Rams;19;1
Week 8;Dolphins@Bills;Bills;20;0
Week 8;Eagles@Lions;Lions;14;6
Week 8;Steelers@Browns;Browns;19;1
Week 8;49ers@Bears;49ers;14;6
Week 8;Titans@Colts;Titans;12;8
Week 8;Jaguars@Seahawks;Seahawks;20;0
Week 8;Patriots@Chargers;Chargers;19;1
Week 8;Buccaneers@Saints;Buccaneers;11;9
Week 8;Washington@Broncos;Broncos;14;6
Week 8;Cowboys@Vikings;Vikings;16;4
Week 8;Giants@Chiefs;Chiefs;20;0
Week 9;Jets@Colts;Colts;20;0
Week 9;Falcons@Saints;Saints;16;4
Week 9;Bills@Jaguars;Bills;20;0
Week 9;Browns@Bengals;Browns;15;5
Week 9;Broncos@Cowboys;Cowboys;18;2
Week 9;Texans@Dolphins;Dolphins;19;1
Week 9;Raiders@Giants;Giants;17;3
Week 9;Vikings@Ravens;Ravens;20;0
Week 9;Patriots@Panthers;Patriots;13;7
Week 9;Chargers@Eagles;Chargers;14;6
Week 9;Cardinals@49ers;49ers;15;5
Week 9;Packers@Chiefs;Chiefs;19;1
Week 9;Titans@Rams;Rams;15;5
Week 9;Bears@Steelers;Steelers;18;2
Week 10;Ravens@Dolphins;Ravens;14;6
Week 10;Falcons@Cowboys;Cowboys;19;1
Week 10;Bills@Jets;Bills;18;2
Week 10;Browns@Patriots;Browns;12;8
Week 10;Lions@Steelers;Steelers;18;2
Week 10;Jaguars@Colts;Colts;18;2
Week 10;Saints@Titans;Titans;19;1
Week 10;Buccaneers@Washington;Buccaneers;15;5
Week 10;Panthers@Cardinals;Cardinals;20;0
Week 10;Vikings@Chargers;Chargers;17;3
Week 10;Eagles@Broncos;Broncos;18;2
Week 10;Seahawks@Packers;Packers;17;3
Week 10;Chiefs@Raiders;Chiefs;15;5
Week 10;Rams@49ers;49ers;18;2
Week 11;Patriots@Falcons;Falcons;14;6
Week 11;Ravens@Bears;Ravens;16;4
Week 11;Lions@Browns;Browns;18;2
Week 11;Packers@Vikings;Vikings;12;8
Week 11;Texans@Titans;Titans;19;1
Week 11;Colts@Bills;Bills;20;0
Week 11;Dolphins@Jets;Dolphins;12;8
Week 11;Saints@Eagles;Saints;13;7
Week 11;49ers@Jaguars;49ers;18;2
Week 11;Washington@Panthers;Washington;11;9
Week 11;Bengals@Raiders;Raiders;17;3
Week 11;Cardinals@Seahawks;Seahawks;16;4
Week 11;Cowboys@Chiefs;Chiefs;20;0
Week 11 in London;Steelers@Chargers;Chargers;13;7
Week 11;Giants@Buccaneers;Buccaneers;20;0
Week 12;Bears@Lions;Lions;12;8
Week 12;Raiders@Cowboys;Cowboys;16;4
Week 12;Bills@Saints;Bills;17;3
Week 12;Falcons@Jaguars;Falcons;11;9
Week 12;Panthers@Dolphins;Dolphins;19;1
Week 12;Jets@Texans;Texans;13;7
Week 12;Eagles@Giants;Giants;16;4
Week 12;Steelers@Bengals;Bengals;10;10
Week 12;Buccaneers@Colts;Buccaneers;13;7
Week 12;Titans@Patriots;Titans;11;9
Week 12;Chargers@Broncos;Broncos;12;8
Week 12;Rams@Packers;Packers;15;5
Week 12;Vikings@49ers;49ers;16;4
Week 12;Browns@Ravens;Ravens;16;4
Week 12;Seahawks@Washington;Washington;10;10
Week 13;Cowboys@Saints;Saints;16;4
Week 13;Cardinals@Bears;Bears;11;9
Week 13;Broncos@Chiefs;Chiefs;20;0
Week 13;Colts@Texans;Colts;16;4
Week 13;Chargers@Bengals;Bengals;10;10
Week 13;Vikings@Lions;Vikings;14;6
Week 13;Giants@Dolphins;Dolphins;16;4
Week 13;Eagles@Jets;Jets;16;4
Week 13;Buccaneers@Falcons;Buccaneers;15;5
Week 13;Washington@Raiders;Raiders;16;4
Week 13;Ravens@Steelers;Ravens;11;9
Week 13;Jaguars@Rams;Rams;20;0
Week 13;49ers@Seahawks;Seahawks;17;3
Week 13;Patriots@Bills;Bills;19;1
Week 14;Steelers@Vikings;Vikings;15;5
Week 14;Falcons@Panthers;Panthers;15;5
Week 14;Ravens@Browns;Browns;14;6
Week 14;Cowboys@Washington;Washington;17;3
Week 14;Jaguars@Titans;Titans;19;1
Week 14;Raiders@Chiefs;Chiefs;20;0
Week 14;Saints@Jets;Saints;15;5
Week 14;49ers@Bengals;49ers;12;8
Week 14;Seahawks@Texans;Seahawks;18;2
Week 14;Lions@Broncos;Broncos;19;1
Week 14;Giants@Chargers;Chargers;19;1
Week 14 in London;Bills@Buccaneers;Buccaneers;11;9
Week 14;Bears@Packers;Packers;19;1
Week 14;Rams@Cardinals;Cardinals;15;5
Week 15;Chiefs@Chargers;Chiefs;13;7
Week 15;Cardinals@Lions;Cardinals;18;2
Week 15;Panthers@Bills;Bills;20;0
Week 15;Cowboys@Giants;Giants;10;10
Week 15;Packers@Ravens;Ravens;18;2
Week 15;Texans@Jaguars;Jaguars;17;3
Week 15;Raiders@Browns;Browns;19;1
Week 15;Patriots@Colts;Colts;18;2
Week 15;Jets@Dolphins;Dolphins;20;0
Week 15;Titans@Steelers;Steelers;10;10
Week 15;Washington@Eagles;Washington;12;8
Week 15;Falcons@49ers;49ers;20;0
Week 15;Bengals@Broncos;Broncos;16;4
Week 15;Seahawks@Rams;Rams;13;7
Week 15;Saints@Buccaneers;Buccaneers;18;2
Week 15;Vikings@Bears;Bears;14;6
Week 16;49ers@Titans;Titans;14;6
Week 16;Browns@Packers;Packers;18;2
Week 16;Colts@Cardinals;Cardinals;17;3
Week 16;Ravens@Bengals;Ravens;15;5
Week 16;Bills@Patriots;Bills;16;4
Week 16;Lions@Falcons;Falcons;18;2
Week 16;Jaguars@Jets;Jets;15;5
Week 16;Chargers@Texans;Chargers;18;2
Week 16;Rams@Vikings;Rams;11;9
Week 16;Giants@Eagles;Eagles;14;6
Week 16;Buccaneers@Panthers;Buccaneers;18;2
Week 16;Bears@Seahawks;Seahawks;20;0
Week 16;Broncos@Raiders;Raiders;14;6
Week 16;Steelers@Chiefs;Chiefs;19;1
Week 16;Washington@Cowboys;Cowboys;16;4
Week 16;Dolphins@Saints;Saints;16;4
Week 17;Cardinals@Cowboys;Cowboys;13;7
Week 17;Falcons@Bills;Bills;20;0
Week 17;Panthers@Saints;Saints;18;2
Week 17;Jaguars@Patriots;Patriots;20;0
Week 17;Chiefs@Bengals;Chiefs;18;2
Week 17;Raiders@Colts;Colts;16;4
Week 17;Dolphins@Titans;Titans;18;2
Week 17;Giants@Bears;Bears;17;3
Week 17;Eagles@Washington;Washington;18;2
Week 17;Buccaneers@Jets;Buccaneers;20;0
Week 17;Broncos@Chargers;Chargers;17;3
Week 17;Texans@49ers;49ers;19;1
Week 17;Lions@Seahawks;Seahawks;20;0
Week 17;Rams@Ravens;Ravens;18;2
Week 17;Vikings@Packers;Packers;18;2
Week 17;Browns@Steelers;Steelers;10;10
Week 18;Panthers@Buccaneers;Buccaneers;18;2
Week 18;Bears@Vikings;Vikings;18;2
Week 18;Bengals@Browns;Browns;20;0
Week 18;Cowboys@Eagles;Cowboys;15;5
Week 18;Packers@Lions;Packers;15;5
Week 18;Colts@Jaguars;Colts;14;6
Week 18;Patriots@Dolphins;Dolphins;16;4
Week 18;Saints@Falcons;Falcons;16;4
Week 18;Jets@Bills;Bills;20;0
Week 18;Steelers@Ravens;Ravens;18;2
Week 18;Titans@Texans;Titans;19;1
Week 18;Washington@Giants;Giants;12;8
Week 18;Chiefs@Broncos;Chiefs;15;5
Week 18;Chargers@Raiders;Raiders;13;7
Week 18;49ers@Rams;Rams;18;2
Week 18;Seahawks@Cardinals;Cardinals;15;5

zConsensus’ Predicted Standings:

AFC East
Bills      15  2
Dolphins    9  8
Patriots    8  9
Jets        2 15

AFC North
Ravens     15  2
Browns     11  6
Steelers    8  9
Bengals     4 13

AFC South
Titans     12  5
Colts       7 10
Jaguars     2 15
Texans      1 16

AFC West
Chiefs     17  0
Chargers   10  7
Broncos     8  9
Raiders     7 10
NFC East
Cowboys     9  8
Washington  8  9
Giants      7 10
Eagles      1 16

NFC North
Packers    12  5
Vikings     9  8
Bears       5 12
Lions       3 14

NFC South
Buccaneers 16  1
Falcons     8  9
Saints      8  9
Panthers    4 13

NFC West
49ers      13  4
Rams       12  5
Seahawks   11  6
Cardinals  10  7


Week 1;Cowboys@Buccaneers;Buccaneers
Week 1;Cardinals@Titans;Titans
Week 1;Jaguars@Texans;Jaguars
Week 1;Chargers@Washington;Washington
Week 1;Vikings@Bengals;Bengals
Week 1;Jets@Panthers;Panthers
Week 1;Eagles@Falcons;Falcons
Week 1;Steelers@Bills;Bills
Week 1;49ers@Lions;49ers
Week 1;Seahawks@Colts;Colts
Week 1;Browns@Chiefs;Chiefs
Week 1;Broncos@Giants;Giants
Week 1;Packers@Saints;Packers
Week 1;Dolphins@Patriots;Patriots
Week 1;Bears@Rams;Rams
Week 1;Ravens@Raiders;Raiders
Week 2;Giants@Washington;Washington
Week 2;Bills@Dolphins;Bills
Week 2;Bengals@Bears;Bears
Week 2;Broncos@Jaguars;Jaguars
Week 2;Texans@Browns;Browns
Week 2;Raiders@Steelers;Steelers
Week 2;Rams@Steelers;Steelers
Week 2;Patriots@Jets;Patriots
Week 2;Saints@Panthers;Panthers
Week 2;49ers@Eagles;49ers
Week 2;Falcons@Buccaneers;Buccaneers
Week 2;Vikings@Cardinals;Cardinals
Week 2;Cowboys@Chargers;Chargers
Week 2;Titans@Seahawks;Seahawks
Week 2;Lions@Packers;Packers
Week 2;Chiefs@Ravens;Ravens
TheArbitrary’s Week 3;Panthers@Texans;Texans
TheArbitrary’s Week 3;Cardinals@Jaguars;Cardinals
TheArbitrary’s Week 3;Falcons@Giants;Giants
TheArbitrary’s Week 3;Ravens@Lions;Ravens
TheArbitrary’s Week 3;Bears@Browns;Browns
TheArbitrary’s Week 3;Bengals@Steelers;Steelers
TheArbitrary’s Week 3;Colts@Titans;Titans
TheArbitrary’s Week 3;Chargers@Chiefs;Chiefs
TheArbitrary’s Week 3;Saints@Patriots;Saints
TheArbitrary’s Week 3;Washington@Bills;Bills
TheArbitrary’s Week 3;Dolphins@Raiders;Raiders
TheArbitrary’s Week 3;Jets@Broncos;Broncos
TheArbitrary’s Week 3;Seahawks@Vikings;Vikings
TheArbitrary’s Week 3;Buccaneers@Rams;Rams
TheArbitrary’s Week 3;Packers@49ers;49ers
TheArbitrary’s Week 3;Eagles@Cowboys;Cowboys
Week 4;Jaguars@Bengals;Bengals
Week 4;Panthers@Cowboys;Cowboys
Week 4;Browns@Vikings;Vikings
Week 4;Lions@Bears;Bears
Week 4;Texans@Bills;Bills
Week 4;Colts@Dolphins;Colts
Week 4;Chiefs@Eagles;Chiefs
Week 4;Giants@Saints;Saints
Week 4;Titans@Jets;Titans
Week 4;Washington@Falcons;Washington
Week 4;Cardinals@Rams;Rams
Week 4;Seahawks@49ers;49ers
Week 4;Ravens@Broncos;Ravens
Week 4;Steelers@Packers;Packers
Week 4;Buccaneers@Patriots;Buccaneers
Week 4;Raiders@Chargers;Chargers
Week 5;Rams@Seahawks;Seahawks
Week 5;Jets@Falcons;Falcons
Week 5;Broncos@Steelers;Steelers
Week 5;Lions@Vikings;Vikings
Week 5;Packers@Bengals;Bengals
Week 5;Dolphins@Buccaneers;Buccaneers
Week 5;Patriots@Texans;Patriots
Week 5;Saints@Washington;Washington
Week 5;Eagles@Panthers;Panthers
Week 5;Titans@Jaguars;Titans
Week 5;Bears@Raiders;Raiders
Week 5;Browns@Chargers;Chargers
Week 5;Giants@Cowboys;Giants
Week 5;49ers@Cardinals;Cardinals
Week 5;Bills@Chiefs;Chiefs
Week 5;Colts@Ravens;Colts
Week 6;Buccaneers@Eagles;Buccaneers
Week 6;Dolphins@Jaguars;Dolphins
Week 6;Bengals@Lions;Lions
Week 6;Packers@Bears;Packers
Week 6;Texans@Colts;Colts
Week 6;Chiefs@Washington;Washington
Week 6;Chargers@Ravens;Ravens
Week 6;Rams@Giants;Giants
Week 6;Vikings@Panthers;Vikings
Week 6;Cardinals@Browns;Browns
Week 6;Cowboys@Patriots;Patriots
Week 6;Raiders@Broncos;Raiders
Week 6;Seahawks@Steelers;Steelers
Week 6;Bills@Titans;Titans
Week 7;Broncos@Browns;Browns
Week 7;Falcons@Dolphins;Dolphins
Week 7;Panthers@Giants;Giants
Week 7;Bengals@Ravens;Ravens
Week 7;Chiefs@Titans;Titans
Week 7;Jets@Patriots;Patriots
Week 7;Washington@Packers;Packers
Week 7;Lions@Rams;Rams
Week 7;Eagles@Raiders;Raiders
Week 7;Bears@Buccaneers;Buccaneers
Week 7;Texans@Cardinals;Cardinals
Week 7;Colts@49ers;49ers
Week 7;Saints@Seahawks;Seahawks
Week 8;Packers@Cardinals;Cardinals
Week 8;Panthers@Falcons;Falcons
Week 8;Bengals@Jets;Bengals
Week 8;Rams@Texans;Rams
Week 8;Dolphins@Bills;Bills
Week 8;Eagles@Lions;Eagles
Week 8;Steelers@Browns;Browns
Week 8;49ers@Bears;49ers
Week 8;Titans@Colts;Colts
Week 8;Jaguars@Seahawks;Seahawks
Week 8;Patriots@Chargers;Chargers
Week 8;Buccaneers@Saints;Saints
Week 8;Washington@Broncos;Broncos
Week 8;Cowboys@Vikings;Vikings
Week 8;Giants@Chiefs;Chiefs
Week 9;Jets@Colts;Colts
Week 9;Falcons@Saints;Saints
Week 9;Bills@Jaguars;Bills
Week 9;Browns@Bengals;Browns
Week 9;Broncos@Cowboys;Cowboys
Week 9;Texans@Dolphins;Dolphins
Week 9;Raiders@Giants;Giants
Week 9;Vikings@Ravens;Ravens
Week 9;Patriots@Panthers;Patriots
Week 9;Chargers@Eagles;Eagles
Week 9;Cardinals@49ers;49ers
Week 9;Packers@Chiefs;Chiefs
Week 9;Titans@Rams;Rams
Week 9;Bears@Steelers;Steelers
Week 10;Ravens@Dolphins;Ravens
Week 10;Falcons@Cowboys;Cowboys
Week 10;Bills@Jets;Bills
Week 10;Browns@Patriots;Browns
Week 10;Lions@Steelers;Lions
Week 10;Jaguars@Colts;Colts
Week 10;Saints@Titans;Titans
Week 10;Buccaneers@Washington;Washington
Week 10;Panthers@Cardinals;Cardinals
Week 10;Vikings@Chargers;Chargers
Week 10;Eagles@Broncos;Broncos
Week 10;Seahawks@Packers;Packers
Week 10;Chiefs@Raiders;Raiders
Week 10;Rams@49ers;49ers
Week 11;Patriots@Falcons;Patriots
Week 11;Ravens@Bears;Ravens
Week 11;Lions@Browns;Browns
Week 11;Packers@Vikings;Vikings
Week 11;Texans@Titans;Titans
Week 11;Colts@Bills;Bills
Week 11;Dolphins@Jets;Jets
Week 11;Saints@Eagles;Eagles
Week 11;49ers@Jaguars;49ers
Week 11;Washington@Panthers;Washington
Week 11;Bengals@Raiders;Raiders
Week 11;Cardinals@Seahawks;Seahawks
Week 11;Cowboys@Chiefs;Chiefs
Week 11 in London;Steelers@Chargers;Chargers
Week 11;Giants@Buccaneers;Buccaneers
Week 12;Bears@Lions;Lions
Week 12;Raiders@Cowboys;Cowboys
Week 12;Bills@Saints;Bills
Week 12;Falcons@Jaguars;Falcons
Week 12;Panthers@Dolphins;Dolphins
Week 12;Jets@Texans;Texans
Week 12;Eagles@Giants;Giants
Week 12;Steelers@Bengals;Bengals
Week 12;Buccaneers@Colts;Buccaneers
Week 12;Titans@Patriots;Titans
Week 12;Chargers@Broncos;Broncos
Week 12;Rams@Packers;Packers
Week 12;Vikings@49ers;49ers
Week 12;Browns@Ravens;Ravens
Week 12;Seahawks@Washington;Washington
Week 13;Cowboys@Saints;Cowboys
Week 13;Cardinals@Bears;Bears
Week 13;Broncos@Chiefs;Chiefs
Week 13;Colts@Texans;Colts
Week 13;Chargers@Bengals;Bengals
Week 13;Vikings@Lions;Vikings
Week 13;Giants@Dolphins;Dolphins
Week 13;Eagles@Jets;Jets
Week 13;Buccaneers@Falcons;Buccaneers
Week 13;Washington@Raiders;Raiders
Week 13;Ravens@Steelers;Steelers
Week 13;Jaguars@Rams;Rams
Week 13;49ers@Seahawks;Seahawks
Week 13;Patriots@Bills;Bills
Week 14;Steelers@Vikings;Vikings
Week 14;Falcons@Panthers;Panthers
Week 14;Ravens@Browns;Browns
Week 14;Cowboys@Washington;Washington
Week 14;Jaguars@Titans;Titans
Week 14;Raiders@Chiefs;Chiefs
Week 14;Saints@Jets;Saints
Week 14;49ers@Bengals;Bengals
Week 14;Seahawks@Texans;Texans
Week 14;Lions@Broncos;Broncos
Week 14;Giants@Chargers;Chargers
Week 14 in London;Bills@Buccaneers;Bills
Week 14;Bears@Packers;Packers
Week 14;Rams@Cardinals;Cardinals
Week 15;Chiefs@Chargers;Chargers
Week 15;Cardinals@Lions;Cardinals
Week 15;Panthers@Bills;Bills
Week 15;Cowboys@Giants;Giants
Week 15;Packers@Ravens;Ravens
Week 15;Texans@Jaguars;Jaguars
Week 15;Raiders@Browns;Browns
Week 15;Patriots@Colts;Colts
Week 15;Jets@Dolphins;Dolphins
Week 15;Titans@Steelers;Titans
Week 15;Washington@Eagles;Washington
Week 15;Falcons@49ers;49ers
Week 15;Bengals@Broncos;Bengals
Week 15;Seahawks@Rams;Rams
Week 15;Saints@Buccaneers;Buccaneers
Week 15;Vikings@Bears;Bears
Week 16;49ers@Titans;Titans
Week 16;Browns@Packers;Packers
Week 16;Colts@Cardinals;Cardinals
Week 16;Ravens@Bengals;Bengals
Week 16;Bills@Patriots;Bills
Week 16;Lions@Falcons;Falcons
Week 16;Jaguars@Jets;Jets
Week 16;Chargers@Texans;Chargers
Week 16;Rams@Vikings;Rams
Week 16;Giants@Eagles;Giants
Week 16;Buccaneers@Panthers;Buccaneers
Week 16;Bears@Seahawks;Seahawks
Week 16;Broncos@Raiders;Raiders
Week 16;Steelers@Chiefs;Chiefs
Week 16;Washington@Cowboys;Washington
Week 16;Dolphins@Saints;Saints
Week 17;Cardinals@Cowboys;Cowboys
Week 17;Falcons@Bills;Bills
Week 17;Panthers@Saints;Saints
Week 17;Jaguars@Patriots;Patriots
Week 17;Chiefs@Bengals;Chiefs
Week 17;Raiders@Colts;Colts
Week 17;Dolphins@Titans;Titans
Week 17;Giants@Bears;Bears
Week 17;Eagles@Washington;Washington
Week 17;Buccaneers@Jets;Buccaneers
Week 17;Broncos@Chargers;Chargers
Week 17;Texans@49ers;49ers
Week 17;Lions@Seahawks;Seahawks
Week 17;Rams@Ravens;Ravens
Week 17;Vikings@Packers;Packers
Week 17;Browns@Steelers;Browns
Week 18;Panthers@Buccaneers;Buccaneers
Week 18;Bears@Vikings;Vikings
Week 18;Bengals@Browns;Browns
Week 18;Cowboys@Eagles;Eagles
Week 18;Packers@Lions;Packers
Week 18;Colts@Jaguars;Jaguars
Week 18;Patriots@Dolphins;Dolphins
Week 18;Saints@Falcons;Falcons
Week 18;Jets@Bills;Bills
Week 18;Steelers@Ravens;Ravens
Week 18;Titans@Texans;Titans
Week 18;Washington@Giants;Washington
Week 18;Chiefs@Broncos;Chiefs
Week 18;Chargers@Raiders;Raiders
Week 18;49ers@Rams;Rams
Week 18;Seahawks@Cardinals;Seahawks
Which gender pronoun should I use to refer to you?;Male,Female, or Neutral;Male

(And now to go back and read the rules to see if anything changed… :nerd_face: :open_book: )

Nice job with the ancient history! :+1:

(I wish I’d been smart enough to do more of that… :doh:)

Not yet, you’re not. Please review Week 2;Rams@Colts;. You put “Steelers” as the winner for that one. :crazy_face:

I just need to know your correction for that match-up. No need to reproduce the entire entry form.

If you post it before anyone else enters you’ll still be number one in my book.



Well, I’m not very good at this game, but I might as well give myself a chance. Let’s go with the Colts.

First in our hearts and first in line, we welcome back 11th year player, UltimateAnyone, who boasts a lifetime record of 1496-1055-9 (58.6%).

As the first one in line you are guaranteed to win all tie breakers that you are involved in. If you resubmit your entries, you will lose your place in line, of course.

His favorite team is the Bills at 15-2. His underdog teams are the Texans, Jets, & Lions all at 3-14.

Further, by entering before the Arrival of the Swiss at the Port-Noir you have received 5 Change One Future Pick awards. These may be used at anytime before the kickoff of the game to which they are applied. If you resubmit your entries, you will forfeit this award and your place in line.

UltimateAnyone’s Predicted Standings:

AFC East
Bills      15  2
Patriots    8  9
Dolphins    7 10
Jets        3 14

AFC North
Browns     12  5
Ravens     12  5
Bengals     9  8
Steelers    6 11

AFC South
Titans     14  3
Colts      11  6
Jaguars     4 13
Texans      3 14

AFC West
Chiefs     12  5
Chargers   10  7
Raiders    10  7
Broncos     5 12
NFC East
Washington 13  4
Giants      9  8
Cowboys     7 10
Eagles      4 13

NFC North
Packers    11  6
Vikings     9  8
Bears       5 12
Lions       3 14

NFC South
Buccaneers 13  4
Saints      7 10
Falcons     6 11
Panthers    4 13

NFC West
49ers      12  5
Rams       10  7
Cardinals   9  8
Seahawks    9  8

Wait a minute - I read something different up there…

Not that I’ll need to change any picks of course…


Oh, did I say any? I meant many - I’ll need to change MANY picks!

The pandemic has restricted the hiring process for interns. As a result, the talent pool is more shallow than ever. Buckle up, because I got a real doozy of a hire this year.

Five…Five is the number of COFPs that you have received.

Week 1;Cowboys@Buccaneers;Buccaneers
Week 1;Cardinals@Titans;Cardinals
Week 1;Jaguars@Texans;Texans
Week 1;Chargers@Washington;Chargers
Week 1;Vikings@Bengals;Vikings
Week 1;Jets@Panthers;Panthers
Week 1;Eagles@Falcons;Falcons
Week 1;Steelers@Bills;Bills
Week 1;49ers@Lions;49ers
Week 1;Seahawks@Colts;Colts
Week 1;Browns@Chiefs;Chiefs
Week 1;Broncos@Giants;Broncos
Week 1;Packers@Saints;Saints
Week 1;Dolphins@Patriots;Dolphins
Week 1;Bears@Rams;Rams
Week 1;Ravens@Raiders;Ravens
Week 2;Giants@Washington;Washington
Week 2;Bills@Dolphins;Bills
Week 2;Bengals@Bears;Bears
Week 2;Broncos@Jaguars;Broncos
Week 2;Texans@Browns;Browns
Week 2;Raiders@Steelers;Raiders
Week 2;Rams@Colts;Rams
Week 2;Patriots@Jets;Patriots
Week 2;Saints@Panthers;Saints
Week 2;49ers@Eagles;49ers
Week 2;Falcons@Buccaneers;Buccaneers
Week 2;Vikings@Cardinals;Cardinals
Week 2;Cowboys@Chargers;Chargers
Week 2;Titans@Seahawks;Seahawks
Week 2;Lions@Packers;Packers
Week 2;Chiefs@Ravens;Chiefs
TheArbitrary’s Week 3;Panthers@Texans;Panthers
TheArbitrary’s Week 3;Cardinals@Jaguars;Jaguars
TheArbitrary’s Week 3;Falcons@Giants;Falcons
TheArbitrary’s Week 3;Ravens@Lions;Ravens
TheArbitrary’s Week 3;Bears@Browns;Bears
TheArbitrary’s Week 3;Bengals@Steelers;Steelers
TheArbitrary’s Week 3;Colts@Titans;Colts
TheArbitrary’s Week 3;Chargers@Chiefs;Chiefs
TheArbitrary’s Week 3;Saints@Patriots;Saints
TheArbitrary’s Week 3;Washington@Bills;Bills
TheArbitrary’s Week 3;Dolphins@Raiders;Raiders
TheArbitrary’s Week 3;Jets@Broncos;Broncos
TheArbitrary’s Week 3;Seahawks@Vikings;Seahawks
TheArbitrary’s Week 3;Buccaneers@Rams;Rams
TheArbitrary’s Week 3;Packers@49ers;Packers
TheArbitrary’s Week 3;Eagles@Cowboys;Eagles
Week 4;Jaguars@Bengals; Jaguars
Week 4;Panthers@Cowboys; Cowboys
Week 4;Browns@Vikings; Vikings
Week 4;Lions@Bears; Bears
Week 4;Texans@Bills; Bills
Week 4;Colts@Dolphins; Colts
Week 4;Chiefs@Eagles; Chiefs
Week 4;Giants@Saints; Saints
Week 4;Titans@Jets; Titans
Week 4;Washington@Falcons; Falcons
Week 4;Cardinals@Rams; Rams
Week 4;Seahawks@49ers; Seahawks
Week 4;Ravens@Broncos; Ravens
Week 4;Steelers@Packers; Steelers
Week 4;Buccaneers@Patriots; Buccaneers
Week 4;Raiders@Chargers; Chargers
Week 5;Rams@Seahawks; Rams
Week 5;Jets@Falcons; Falcons
Week 5;Broncos@Steelers; Steelers
Week 5;Lions@Vikings; Vikings
Week 5;Packers@Bengals; Packers
Week 5;Dolphins@Buccaneers; Buccaneers
Week 5;Patriots@Texans; Patriots
Week 5;Saints@Washington; Saints
Week 5;Eagles@Panthers; Panthers
Week 5;Titans@Jaguars; Titans
Week 5;Bears@Raiders; Raiders
Week 5;Browns@Chargers; Browns
Week 5;Giants@Cowboys; Cowboys
Week 5;49ers@Cardinals; Cardinals
Week 5;Bills@Chiefs; Chiefs
Week 5;Colts@Ravens; Ravens
Week 6;Buccaneers@Eagles; Buccaneers
Week 6;Dolphins@Jaguars; Dolphins
Week 6;Bengals@Lions; Lions
Week 6;Packers@Bears; Bears
Week 6;Texans@Colts; Colts
Week 6;Chiefs@Washington; Chiefs
Week 6;Chargers@Ravens; Chargers
Week 6;Rams@Giants; Rams
Week 6;Vikings@Panthers; Vikings
Week 6;Cardinals@Browns; Browns
Week 6;Cowboys@Patriots; Patriots
Week 6;Raiders@Broncos; Broncos
Week 6;Seahawks@Steelers; Steelers
Week 6;Bills@Titans; Bills
Week 7;Broncos@Browns; Browns
Week 7;Falcons@Dolphins; Dolphins
Week 7;Panthers@Giants; Panthers
Week 7;Bengals@Ravens; Ravens
Week 7;Chiefs@Titans; Chiefs
Week 7;Jets@Patriots; Patriots
Week 7;Washington@Packers; Packers
Week 7;Lions@Rams; Rams
Week 7;Eagles@Raiders; Eagles
Week 7;Bears@Buccaneers; Buccaneers
Week 7;Texans@Cardinals; Cardinals
Week 7;Colts@49ers; 49ers
Week 7;Saints@Seahawks; Saints
Week 8;Packers@Cardinals; Cardinals
Week 8;Panthers@Falcons; Falcons
Week 8;Bengals@Jets; Bengals
Week 8;Rams@Texans; Rams
Week 8;Dolphins@Bills; Bills
Week 8;Eagles@Lions; Eagles
Week 8;Steelers@Browns; Browns
Week 8;49ers@Bears; Bears
Week 8;Titans@Colts; Titans
Week 8;Jaguars@Seahawks; Seahawks
Week 8;Patriots@Chargers; Chargers
Week 8;Buccaneers@Saints; Saints
Week 8;Washington@Broncos; Washington
Week 8;Cowboys@Vikings; Vikings
Week 8;Giants@Chiefs; Chiefs
Week 9;Jets@Colts; Colts
Week 9;Falcons@Saints; Saints
Week 9;Bills@Jaguars; Bills
Week 9;Browns@Bengals; Browns
Week 9;Broncos@Cowboys; Cowboys
Week 9;Texans@Dolphins; Dolphins
Week 9;Raiders@Giants; Giants
Week 9;Vikings@Ravens; Ravens
Week 9;Patriots@Panthers; Panthers
Week 9;Chargers@Eagles; Eagles
Week 9;Cardinals@49ers; 49ers
Week 9;Packers@Chiefs; Chiefs
Week 9;Titans@Rams; Rams
Week 9;Bears@Steelers; Steelers
Week 10;Ravens@Dolphins; Ravens
Week 10;Falcons@Cowboys; Falcons
Week 10;Bills@Jets; Bills
Week 10;Browns@Patriots; Patriots
Week 10;Lions@Steelers; Steelers
Week 10;Jaguars@Colts; Jaguars
Week 10;Saints@Titans; Saints
Week 10;Buccaneers@Washington; Buccaneers
Week 10;Panthers@Cardinals; Cardinals
Week 10;Vikings@Chargers;Chargers
Week 10;Eagles@Broncos;Eagles
Week 10;Seahawks@Packers;Seahawks
Week 10;Chiefs@Raiders;Chiefs
Week 10;Rams@49ers;Rams
Week 11;Patriots@Falcons;Falcons
Week 11;Ravens@Bears;Ravens
Week 11;Lions@Browns;Lions
Week 11;Packers@Vikings;Vikings
Week 11;Texans@Titans;Texans
Week 11;Colts@Bills;Bills
Week 11;Dolphins@Jets;Jets
Week 11;Saints@Eagles;Saints
Week 11;49ers@Jaguars;49ers
Week 11;Washington@Panthers;Washington
Week 11;Bengals@Raiders;Raiders
Week 11;Cardinals@Seahawks;Cardinals
Week 11;Cowboys@Chiefs;Chiefs
Week 11 in London;Steelers@Chargers; Chargers
Week 11;Giants@Buccaneers; Buccaneers
Week 12;Bears@Lions;Lions
Week 12;Raiders@Cowboys;Cowboys
Week 12;Bills@Saints;Saints
Week 12;Falcons@Jaguars;Jaguars
Week 12;Panthers@Dolphins;Panthers
Week 12;Jets@Texans;Texans
Week 12;Eagles@Giants;Eagles
Week 12;Steelers@Bengals;Steelers
Week 12;Buccaneers@Colts;Colts
Week 12;Titans@Patriots;Patriots
Week 12;Chargers@Broncos;Chargers
Week 12;Rams@Packers;Rams
Week 12;Vikings@49ers;Vikings
Week 12;Browns@Ravens;Browns
Week 12;Seahawks@Washington;Seahawks
Week 13;Cowboys@Saints;Saints
Week 13;Cardinals@Bears;Bears
Week 13;Broncos@Chiefs;Chiefs
Week 13;Colts@Texans;Colts
Week 13;Chargers@Bengals;Bengals
Week 13;Vikings@Lions;Vikings
Week 13;Giants@Dolphins;Giants
Week 13;Eagles@Jets;Eagles
Week 13;Buccaneers@Falcons;Falcons
Week 13;Washington@Raiders;Washington
Week 13;Ravens@Steelers;Ravens
Week 13;Jaguars@Rams;Rams
Week 13;49ers@Seahawks;Seahawks
Week 13;Patriots@Bills;Bills
Week 14;Steelers@Vikings;Steelers
Week 14;Falcons@Panthers;Panthers
Week 14;Ravens@Browns;Browns
Week 14;Cowboys@Washington;Washington
Week 14;Jaguars@Titans;Jaguars
Week 14;Raiders@Chiefs;Chiefs
Week 14;Saints@Jets;Saints
Week 14;49ers@Bengals;49ers
Week 14;Seahawks@Texans;Seahawks
Week 14;Lions@Broncos;Broncos
Week 14;Giants@Chargers;Chargers
Week 14 in London;Bills@Buccaneers; Buccaneers
Week 14;Bears@Packers; Packers
Week 14;Rams@Cardinals;Cardinals
Week 15;Chiefs@Chargers; Chargers
Week 15;Cardinals@Lions; Lions
Week 15;Panthers@Bills; Bills
Week 15;Cowboys@Giants; Giants
Week 15;Packers@Ravens; Ravens
Week 15;Texans@Jaguars; Jaguars
Week 15;Raiders@Browns; Browns
Week 15;Patriots@Colts; Colts
Week 15;Jets@Dolphins; Dolphins
Week 15;Titans@Steelers; Steelers
Week 15;Washington@Eagles; Eagles
Week 15;Falcons@49ers; 49ers
Week 15;Bengals@Broncos; Broncos
Week 15;Seahawks@Rams; Seahawks
Week 15;Saints@Buccaneers; Saints
Week 15;Vikings@Bears; Vikings
Week 16;49ers@Titans; Titans
Week 16;Browns@Packers; Browns
Week 16;Colts@Cardinals; Cardinals
Week 16;Ravens@Bengals; Ravens
Week 16;Bills@Patriots; Bills
Week 16;Lions@Falcons; Falcons
Week 16;Jaguars@Jets; Jaguars
Week 16;Chargers@Texans; Chargers
Week 16;Rams@Vikings; Vikings
Week 16;Giants@Eagles; Eagles
Week 16;Buccaneers@Panthers; Panthers
Week 16;Bears@Seahawks; Seahawks
Week 16;Broncos@Raiders; Raiders
Week 16;Steelers@Chiefs; Chiefs
Week 16;Washington@Cowboys; Cowboys
Week 16;Dolphins@Saints; Saints
Week 17;Cardinals@Cowboys; Cardinals
Week 17;Falcons@Bills; Bills
Week 17;Panthers@Saints; Saints
Week 17;Jaguars@Patriots; Patriots
Week 17;Chiefs@Bengals; Chiefs
Week 17;Raiders@Colts; Colts
Week 17;Dolphins@Titans; Dolphins
Week 17;Giants@Bears; Bears
Week 17;Eagles@Washington; Washington
Week 17;Buccaneers@Jets; Buccaneers
Week 17;Broncos@Chargers; Chargers
Week 17;Texans@49ers; 49ers
Week 17;Lions@Seahawks; Seahawks
Week 17;Rams@Ravens; Rams
Week 17;Vikings@Packers; Packers
Week 17;Browns@Steelers; Browns
Week 18;Panthers@Buccaneers; Panthers
Week 18;Bears@Vikings; Vikings
Week 18;Bengals@Browns; Browns
Week 18;Cowboys@Eagles; Eagles
Week 18;Packers@Lions; Packers
Week 18;Colts@Jaguars; Colts
Week 18;Patriots@Dolphins; Dolphins
Week 18;Saints@Falcons; Saints
Week 18;Jets@Bills; Bills
Week 18;Steelers@Ravens; Steelers
Week 18;Titans@Texans; Titans
Week 18;Washington@Giants; Giants
Week 18;Chiefs@Broncos; Broncos
Week 18;Chargers@Raiders; Raiders
Week 18;49ers@Rams; Rams
Week 18;Seahawks@Cardinals; Cardinals
Which gender pronoun should I use to refer to you?;Male,Female, or Neutral; Female




She’s not here for a Secondment, she just wants to be second in line…also known around these parts as “Next First”. A warm and hearty welcome to 8th year player, Mountainhawk returning with a record of 1052-737-3 (58.8%).

Her favorite team is the Saints at 17-0. The Jets are cleared for takeoff, but only manage a record of 1-16.

By entering before the Arrival of the Swiss at the Port-Noir you have received 5 Change One Future Pick awards.

Mountainhawk’s Predicted Standings:

AFC East
Bills      14  3
Dolphins    7 10
Patriots    7 10
Jets        1 16

AFC North
Browns     12  5
Ravens     11  6
Steelers   10  7
Bengals     2 15

AFC South
Colts      10  7
Jaguars     7 10
Titans      5 12
Texans      3 14

AFC West
Chiefs     15  2
Chargers   12  5
Broncos     7 10
Raiders     6 11
NFC East
Eagles     10  7
Washington  6 11
Cowboys     5 12
Giants      4 13

NFC North
Vikings    11  6
Bears       7 10
Packers     7 10
Lions       4 13

NFC South
Saints     17  0
Buccaneers 10  7
Falcons     9  8
Panthers    9  8

NFC West
Rams       14  3
Cardinals  11  6
Seahawks   11  6
49ers       8  9