2021 Exam 7 Progress Thread

I’ve studied both Mack papers, Hurlimann, and Brosius so far. Whos in?

I’m in again

I think I’m in again. I optimistically registered for exam 8, but I think it makes sense to redo 7 first since it’s only been 2.5 months versus 1.5 years since I looked at exam 8.

I’m unfortunately in the same boat but I registered for 7 again before the results. Since it has been so long since I took 8 I was debating just skipping the spring and focusing on the fall. So much for that plan.

I’m in. Reading the first pdf from CF now. Made it to the Shapland paper though I’m not sure how much I’ll digest until I’m doing practice problems.

But if there’s one thing that’s clear to me, I’m not a huge fan of reserving topics lol

Did you actually read the Mack '94 original text? Ugliest type font I’ve ever seen


It was cutting-edge formatting back in the day!

I saw Mack 2000’s font from the source material and never wanted to go back :joy:

Brilliant stuff, but would have been better to have chiseled in stone - would have been easier to read too

For 7, what is everyone’s feel on the material? Which section/paper do you find is the hardest?

Also, is there a particular order I should go through the material? e.g. should I do section A,B,C or maybe C, A, B?

Any tips would be really appreciated. I’ll probably cross post this in the new AO as well.

On initial read through I never really learn a ton for exams, just try to familiarize myself with the general concept of the section. It’s when I get to doing practice problems that I find myself understanding the purpose better/nuances. So I’m just going A-C in order. Not sure it would make a big difference on the order you pick so long as you’re not falling behind.

Cool, Thanks!

Chances are I might not be able to write in May, as I am in the middle of year end, and I was prepping for 9 as I didn’t expect I would pass. So now I have just 3 month, I don’t know if I could do it in 3 month. But I guess I can always get a head start for 2022…

I am kind of salty that they are not offering 7 and 9 in Oct… Oct would be quite doable for me. Maybe it would have been better if CAS just offer all uppers in Oct this year ( and then 2022 back to normal schedule). But I guess I can understand CAS’s desire to resume normal operation as soon as possible.

I am curious at the impact of excel on exam questions. Would some concepts that were previous un-testable now becomes testable?

This is a good question. I remember the CAS said that the Fall 2020 exams were created with pen and paper in mind, but not sure about the 2021 exams. Exam 7 has a lot of stuff that potentially could be tested very differently with spreadsheet capability in mind.

I think Taylor is the one most susceptible to some wonky exam question, although fortunately it’s not hugely long if I remember correctly.

My guess is a big calculation problem on Mack '94 total reserve range now that we don’t have to do it on a calculator

Has the CAS actually announced how the questions will be asked going forward? I remember the Fall 2020 FAQ document that the CAS put on their website said that the questions were the same as they would have been if it were paper and pencil. Is this true for 2021 or will questions be asked knowing we are armed with a spreadsheet rather than just a calculator? If this is mentioned somewhere in the 2021 syllabus, then shame on me, but I missed it.

Maybe I should have posted in a general exam forum since not Exam 7 specific?

im covering shapland this week. about to cover section 4.6

How’s everyone’s studying going?

We will see lol. I feel like I have at least a basic understanding of every section except Brehm. Everytime I read it or see a problem, the info goes in and right back out