2021 College Football Discussion

Yeah, we all know: Alabama will play in the championship game, Clemson will be in the CFP, Ohio State will probably be in the CFP, Oklahoma/SEC Team will be the other team in. Let’s pretend it will be different and the season will be exciting and there’s lots of things to talk about.

Or, let’s ignore the 4 teams above and talk about everyone else.

The Euro Super League was a great thing for CFB writers over the past couple days as they were able to write about a CFB super league to get those clicks.

My favorite is the Andy Staples of The Athletic. And remember the goal is not to get the 15 best teams, it is the get the 15 teams that will get everyone the most money.

The 15

Notre Dame
Ohio State
Penn State

Bump, for first high school player to voluntarily sit out 2021 season, instead preparing for college.

Gonna guess he’ll leave after two seasons at Texas. Mainly, because it’s the smart thing to do. Get paid ASAP. (Or, at least red-shirt.)

NO consensus on what the optimal number of playoff teams there should be. Miss St coach Leach thinks 64, ferchrissakes.

I think 6 might be optimal. Two top teams get a “bye,” while #3-6 play a week or two after conference championships. Losers of the play-in’s go to bowls, so no big whoop. Heck, they can play each other in The Fifth-Place Bowl.

couple things.

  1. NFL eligible 3 yrs after HS graduation. Not sure if graduating early would speed that up.
  2. With NIL, he can make money in college now but i suspect HS will not allow still for “reasons”.
  3. He can enroll at college in the spring and participate in spring practice and be on the strength and conditioning program at the next level.

Great idea for this kid IMO.

Texas and Oklahoma inquire about jumping to the SEC.

Dabo has some thoughts: Dabo Swinney says Clemson doesn't want College Football Playoff to expand to 12 teams - CBSSports.com

"Our team wasn’t for it, Swinney said, according to The Athletic’s Grace Raynor. “They don’t want to play more games. And to be honest with you, I don’t think there’s 12 teams good enough.”

How much bigger does the SEC need to be?
And, will they create a third division, where they have promotion-relegation? That would be fun, instead of old “rivalries must keep existing!!” shit. Yeah, and the SEC shouldn’t keep expand, 'cause tradition, yet it does.

There are 129 D1 FBS college football programs. The “championship” tier conferences could consist of 4 16 team conferences, and the lower tier could be 4 16 team conferences plus one extra team in one of them

Have the playoffs be the winners of the 4 conferences. Relegate the bottom club or 2 from each championship conference, and promote the top team or 2 from the second tier conferences.

That would be fun. With the diminishing importance of the NCAA, I can imagine the conferences could take charge of the postseason on their own. However, I doubt they’d really consider pro/rel. They sure seem reluctant to touch the current bowl structure too.

Are you suggesting that schools switch conferences from year to year here? If so, this would be a significant shift in the general approach to conferences and seems counter to the fact this isn’t a single sport “league” but a grouping of schools that compete in a wide range of areas based on the conference structure (in both athletics and academics). How would that impact other sports? Are they being moved simply because the football team did well/poorly? What is a school doesn’t have football but dominates other sports like Hockey?

Not every school year to year. Just maybe 4 from FBS annually, and they’d be the weakest in their conference. It would be a big change though

If there were four 16-team conferences, they could have an “A” division and a “B” division and pro-rel between them.
Problem with pro/rel in college is that the teams can change significantly from year to year. Not like euro soccer teams.
Also, if a top team had to play the top teams in their conference, there might be a bunch of 5-2 division records. The current system (the money) relies on the same 40 or so teams having 8-3 records or better.

Or, how about a triple-elimination tournament? I mean, if we want every game to count, and currently for any team in the top 25, they do, we could do it this way. Teams who lose three games just keep playing each other in the Loserest bracket. There might be two teams with 0-10 records playing each other on the last week.
Not sure how many games one could play in a triple-elimination tournament. Got to be a formula, eh?

I remember seeing an article years back that we would end up at 4 16-team conferences. Or maybe it was “hey, what if we went to 4 16-team conferences.” [This isn’t quite it, but it’s along the lines of what I recall: http://winningcureseverything.com/what-4-major-16-team-conferences-would-do-for-the-cfb-playoff/]

Also recall seeing something about “what if the SEC was pro/rel.” Maybe that was here? For football, Vandy was going to be relegated and stay there forever. Basketball would have a whole lot more movement.

What’s interesting about TX/OK going over is that I recall recent comments out of Arkansas asking “why are we in the SEC?” and competitive concerns in the major sports and wanting to go to the Big 12 to get back with Texas and Oklahoma. Wonder if that now changes, even realizing it’ll probably be worse for football and men’s basketball.

Sounds like UT/OU to SEC is basically a done deal. The 2 schools and the SEC been working on this behind closed doors for a few months and A&M just found out about it this week and leaked it to try to stop it.

Now we turn to the lawyers. UT/OU can’t leave until after the 2025 season w/o losing major $$$. But I assume a lower exit fee will be negotiated so all can move on and they aren’t lame ducks for 4 years.

Kansas basketball seems to be the only property worth any $$ left in the Big 12. I would assume that would get them a Big 10 invite. The other 7 schools are now in limbo.

WVU has been unhappy there and I wouldn’t be surprised if ACC takes them.

I know BYU is likely hoping to get into the B12 for P5 status in the reshuffle, but not sure there will be a B12 worthy of being a power conference left after this.

Kansas could find a home in the B1G. Basketball they’d be fine, football they’d be the perpetual doormat in the West. WVU (should) could go to the ACC. IAST could land in the B1G because they’re a member of the American Association of Universities, and the B1G is a prestigious academic conference first and an athletic conference second. TT, TCU, K-State: no one cares outside of people who went to those schools.

The big losers in this right now are Baylor and Oklahoma State. Baylor is coming off the national title in basketball and wants to be an athletic powerhouse. [Commentary omitted.] OSU has wanted to be a power in football for years, and just lost 2 critical measuring sticks for showing it belongs in the national discussion. Neither one of those are going to the B1G. If they don’t go to the Pac-10, they’ll … what, grab Houston and Rice and BYU and Boise State and the other 3 leftovers and try to be a minor major conference? Not sure I see that happening.

Nebraska needs someone they can beat, so bring on the Jayhawks.

No way in hell ISU ends up in the B1G.

Can they do this without agreement from the other schools? I thought the existing schools got to vote on it or at least had some say.

If the votes weren’t there, it wouldn’t be this far down the road. Basically the question to the schools is “Do you want more money?”. Who says no?

I think there would have to be four objections from current SEC teams to stop it. A&M and Missouri seem like two that would, but not sure they find two more to object.