2021 CAS Meeting Selection for new ACAS, FCAS

For those of you who just received a new ACAS or FCAS designation (first off, congratulations!), which 2021 CAS meeting do you plan on attending?

Are you going to attend Spring 2021 to receive a virtual recognition and then get recognized in person in 2022, or are you holding out hope the Fall 2021 meeting can be held in person and skipping the Spring 2021 meeting?

I’m waiting to see how my employer wants to treat it. I definitely want to go to the next in person one to get recognized. Whether I also attend the Spring 2021 one virtually is up in the air for now.

Makes sense.

My employer would only cover one meeting attendance each year, so I’m debating if I should just go to spring for a virtual recognition and not get my hopes up that the Fall meeting will be in person. And then hopefully can go to an in-person one in 2022