2020 Voter Turnout

Yeah, weather is beautiful where I am. I’ve already voted, but if I hadn’t, it would be quite pleasant to wait in line outside today. Should help Biden as the lines are more likely to be in more densely populated areas which skew Dem.

Not sure what it means. I’m in a red precinct in a blue county in a red state (AL), with limited early voting options (technically absentee only). Absentee ballot requests were about 350K, with over 250K returns as of a little bit ago (per news article quoting ALSoS), projected to be double 2016 absentee. 2.1M votes cast in 2016 presidential race. My county did do two days of “absentee in person” at courthouses (we have two). One child is registered in the city (blue area) and wait was 15 minutes. She said she was sweating because the old lady election volunteers had the temp in the library up to 90 :sweat_smile:. Other child is in different precinct than me, but red. My thought was it was a larger precinct, wait would be longer. His wait time was actually shorter. Didn’t ask how many registration checkers there were at his site.

In 2016, my county had 305K votes, with 10K absentee. Last week ALSoS projected between 2.5M and 2.8M votes (68-75%) statewide. 2008 was about 2.1M and 74% turnout, so lots of new registrants.

So I think we can all agree that no matter who wins this election has not handed a giant mandate to either side.

Right now it looks like D-controlled House, R- controlled Senate and close to a toss up for WH. Hopefully the 2 parties can stop throwing bombs and loading every bill with poison pills long enough to actual govern for a while.

LOL. I’ll edit so its not such a knee jerk response, but there needs to be major changes to house/senate/executive rules to change any of that.

Pretty sad that 70% is a hundred year high water mark

Not sure if forcing people to vote (which is what happens in many other countries) is any better.