2020 Fantasy Football

Started the season 1-4 and haven’t lost since. I need a W this weekend to lock in a 1 or 2 seed and a first round bye.

Pick 2, full PPR:
Dalvin Cook

All 3 are start worthy. Gibson has the worst matchup but is a TD machine. Also hard to bench him after what he did last game. If Cook is out hurt my decision is made for me.

Pitt defense is not Dallas

I need Elliot to go under 21.9 points vs BAL to get the first round bye and $100 guaranteed. Seems likely, but he could also go off. I’d say my odds are about 80/20

I’m in the semi-finals. Who do you go with at WR2 in full PPR: Diontae Johnson or DJ Moore?

Both are capable of big scores, but both come with some risk. Johnson normally gets lots of targets, but had his snaps cut last week after some drops. DJ Moore is coming off an ankle injury and COVID.

In the finals. Choose 2, full PPR:

Dalvin Cook @ NO
Ekeler v DEN
Gibson or McKissic v CAR (whichever is the starter for WFT)
L Bell vs ATL (only if CEH is out and Bell is the KC starter)

I think Cook is must start, but that’s a tough road matchup.
Ekeler has an OK matchup and normally gets a lot of targets
WFT has a pretty good matchup
In the likely event KC has a big lead on ATL, Bell could get a lot of touches

Also choose 2 WR:
AJ Brown @GB
Diontae Johnson v IND
DJ Moore @WAS

I wouldn’t stray from Cook/Ekeler. While DJ has been more consistent, I think Ben might be back this week. He might be getting spent, but at home in this situation is something I think he will rise to. However, you can’t go wrong with Moore. Have to start Brown.

Thanks. Pretty much what I was planning. The main one I’m struggling with is Moore vs Johnson. Moore is more of a big play WR, where Johnson has a higher floor in PPR due to #targets. I struggle whether I need the high floor or the big play more vs my opponent. WAS is also a tougher matchup for WR.

Might hinge on whether Kittle can play. If he’s available, I might lean more towards the high floor for my WR

Final lineup

Started D Cook & Ekeler at RB
AJ Brown & D Johnson at WR. Benched DJ Moore
Rolling with Kittle, benched Goedert
AZ (vs SF) at DST instead of HOU (v CIN)

1k on the line

Played Cook, he was below average yesterday, picked up Kittle, playing him.
I have several 12+ EP RBs to choose for second RB. Playing BAL RB over others. (Can’t access right now, so can’t remember names.)

Ok, signed in on phone. Dobbins over Taylor of IND and Swift of DET.
Big 35-year old trophy on the line.

No bust performances from my team, but also no blockbusters either. If AJ Brown can come close to keeping pace with Aaron Jones tonight I have a good shot. Opponent had BUF (vs NE) going tomorrow night.

Your toughest call worked out w Johnson far exceeding Moore. Brown should get well above Moore too. Looks like you played optimal team all around so that’s the best that could happen.

Yeah, almost started a perfect lineup. Only one I missed I wasn’t really seriously considering, and it took a crazy hail mary for McKissic to beat the other RBs I started.

Some busts today. Should have started Taylor, because PIT defense has been overrated on ESPN.
I figure I need a 25-point lead by the end of tonight, as my opponent has Josh Allen tomorrow. Maybe they’ll sit him, since Div champs already.
Currently have a 20.5-point lead, with Antonio Brown playing. He’s sucking wind, though.

Apparently he got hurt, totaled 3.4 points. So, I have a 22.9 point lead, and Josh Allen’s EP is 22.7.
So, maybe he gets 15 points, BUF has a big lead, and they pull him. Or, he gets 15 points and NE has a huge lead, and they pull him.
Heck, don’t play him at all. They’re not getting the bye.
Or, NE could put a bounty out on him.
Only good news I see is that he scored only 14.3 points vs NE the last time they played.

With AJ Brown not having a great game, odds are against me now. Need the BUF D to score 5.4 or less. They’ve done that 4 weeks so far this season, including last time vs NE where they had 5.0.

Lost by 1.5 points. Sigh