2020-21 NHL Hockey Thread

Congrats to the … … Tampa’s!

Now, whatabout 2020-21?
Might go to hubs again.
Probably should stick to Canada, using EDM/CAL/WIN/VAN and TOR/OTT/MON in some way.

My idea:
Pods of four or five teams, playing a “home/home” schedule for a few weeks, then rearranging them to play other teams in other pods.

Expect Canada to be its own division. The rest is TBD.

Honestly, I don’t know how you launch anything while cases are exploding. The QMJHL is shut down except for the Maritimes Division (6 teams). The OHL isn’t starting until February 4, and there’s still no clue how they’ll handle Flint, Saginaw and Soo. The WHL starts January 8 and all play will be exclusively in-division. Those last two could yet shift again.

The NHL and NHLPA have said they won’t do bubbles again, so you can bet guys will get infected some more. I expect it’s only a matter of time before someone gets infected and has issues; really surprised that it hasn’t happened already to someone big-name, which is what it will take for everyone to realize oh shit, this might be a serious thing, maybe we shouldn’t be putting everyone at risk.

My guess: they don’t start until February 1, we play come hell or high water and the playoffs go into the summer again, and then they shorten the offseason to try and get '21-22 on as normal.

Along with most Canadians, I was happy to see that Canada has its own division for this year. Although a single-city bubble is unlikely, I expect some cities, such as my own (Vancouver), will nix playing any games in their local arena initially.

Nikita Kucherov, TB (hip; out for regular season)

If you’re 27 and already having hip issues, it does not bode well for the future.

Don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m excited about the Blues playing in the Honda NHL West Division this year. We could have been in the Discover NHL Central Division, but that doesn’t charge me up.

Are Flyers fans thrilled to be in the MassMutual NHL East Division? Are Leafs fans pumped up about playing in the Scotia NHL North Division?

Remember how awesome it was to learn about Hockey History when wondering who the hell Campbell and Wales and Adams and Smythe and Norris and Patrick were?
Good times.

Imagine all the hockey history that could be learned if only there had been an NHL player with the last name of Scotia, Honda, MassMutual or Discover.

Pulled the trigger, switched to Spectrum for NHL Hockey. Kings are on local “Fox” Sports, now owned by Sinclair (boo!), and Frontier dropped them, but assured me my rates wouldn’t change. And, Frontier had dropped beIN (for La Liga, preferably for FCB, doubly-preferably for Messi, but assured me that my rates wouldn’t change. And, they dropped HDNet Movies, which shows a lot of good classic movies uncut and commercially uninterrupted, but assured me that my rates wouldn’t change. And, they dropped AXSTV, which shows a lot of concerts and other music documentaries, which pissed off my wife too much, but assured me my rates wouldn’t change. So, Spectrum it is.

And, here’s hoping Alex Faust becomes the next host of Jeopardy!. 'cause I hate listening to him doing -by-Play ('cause only does it half the game) on the Kings broadcast.

Faust is one of my favorite broadcasters in the league. Just miss Bob Miller?

Just miss actual play-by-play and not yakking it up with Fox.

Aside, pertaining to getting Fox Sports West for L.A. Kings games:
Trying to self-install cable, internet, and phone service…
Using instructions from the internet…
Says to connect the equipment, THEN activate the service.
Um, at some point they should realize that once I set up all my equipment, I cannot follow the instructions anymore. I cannot activate using internet or phone.
I guess I could use my cell phone, but, so tiny a screen.
Also, Spectrum internet having some issues today…
I said on their survey that I don’t care about speed, I need the internet on at all times. Not frequent outages.
I thought about keeping the Frontier Internet, but I realized that Frontier Internet and Cable are on the same coax connecting my TiVo box to the Mini. I’d have to run a separate line, or something. maybe move the router to my office?

6-3 Flyers win with goals by both Patrick and Lindblom — nice way to start the season.

1st suspension of the year is almost surely going to go to Sammy Blais, whose shoulder clipped the head of Devon Toews. It won’t be because it was a targeted hit to the head per se, but because Blais extended his arm as he made the hit and that’s going to be enough to distinguish it from “he had his position and they collided and the hit from the shoulder to the head was accidental.”

Seems like I’m missing a good game. Damn router!

Or not.
One of those years: take a lead, give it up.

Connor McDavid is good.

2 games. The Department of “Player Safety” strikes again. At least Hoffman should (is supposed to) be in the lineup tonight. Watch us suddenly look like we don’t know what we’re doing and get beat 6-2 and it could have been worse.

6 PPGA vs. Colorado. Oof. The 19th time it’s happened in league history. Yes, I was kind of rooting for Colorado to at least tie the league record of 7.

That left the Blues 5-of-11 on the PK for the season (45.5%). Last night, they managed to push it down. But, they got 2 points out of it and I guess Justin Faulk looks amazing through 3 games, and so I’m told everything is fine.

Penguins Capitals never fails to entertain.

Jack Hughes looks amazing this season for the Devils. What a jump from year 1 to year 2 for the 19 year old.