100 Things to know V01

1.) 33 seconds on power level 7 is optimal for melting butter without burning. @ALivelySedative

Inspired by @ALivelySedative’s little melt butter tid-bit. Post these “that’d be nice to know” things that you got. I’ll update the first post periodically. Once we get to 100, and this seems to be a popular thread, I’ll do another 100 V02.

If you can, please number them to make it easier (I appreciate ya)

This depends on many things that might not be true.

Is the butter at room temp, at fridge temp, or freezer temp? What is the power of the microwave? Your wattage may vary.

The speed of light is 186,000 miles per second.

There are 186,000 sesame seeds in a pound.

Coincidence? Maybe. Maybe not.

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  1. There are approximately 3,500 Calories (or kilocalories, the typical “calories” on nutritional information labels) in a pound of fat. Therefore, if you wish to reduce your body weight by 1 pound, you will need your energy expenditure to exceed your energy intake by 3,500 calories.

82 Fahrenheit is 28 Celsius.
-40 Fahrenheit is -40 Celsius.

With those two points you can solve for the relationship and convert any point from one to the other.

This depends on many things that might not be true.

Sesame seeds aren’t all uniform in size. Some are toasted which removes water and reduces the weight of each seed. And weighing at different elevations can move the weight up or down slightly.

I use 61F = 16C

Seems easier to remember the formula

Or just use Celsius like a *****'ing human?

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Sure, but sometimes you get stuck in a place where everyone talks Fahrenheit…

You mean “earth”?

I think this guy has the right take on why Fahrenheit is better:

I suppose two fairly small parts of it sure.