1 rep per week challenge

I wanna see how strong I can get by only doing 1 rep per week. I’m gonna do a 1 minute farmers carry just once a week and we’ll just see how strong I get.

Good luck. We’re all counting on you… to keep us informed of your athletic endeavor.

what’s your starting weight? no judgement from this skinny old man, just curious

(i hate the caveat world we live in)

How’d week one go?

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It killed him. RIP


I put 15 lbs in each hand and did that walk ez.


are you swol now?

no but Shebby Poo told me that I will be if I keep doing them

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maybe if the 1 rep lasts one week

are you curshing it, bro?

I’m up to 32.5 lb in each hand

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Just did 42.5 lb still going up

You da man!

if these trends continue I’m gonna be like Brian Shaw!

You know what since I’ve been working so hard I decided I deserved a deload this week, I just did 35.