Could always game the system and just quit your job!


There are days…

And then I remember that my spouse needs my health insurance. I mean… we hit our 2022 deductible yesterday. Could very well be at oop max by April (although somehow it took until October last year).

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Wow that was quickly done

I really bungled things last year because we had our fourth so I had the most generous high deductible policy and we hit our OOPM when the baby was born, but then I changed jobs and the old insurance ended like a month after we hit the OOPM and then I was back to 0

If the 4% rule is to believed, I could pay off my mortgage and live off $47K per year. But I do still want to work some more and get that number higher, also with the hope of leaving some $$ to my kids someday.

Maybe transition to half-time in three or four years and stick around to enjoy fully vest a modest amount of stock and options - trying to strike the right balance of working/not working/not throwing anything away.

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I’m hitting my deductible on 1/12 and my max OOP on 2/9 :rofl: But I do that every year, it’s a weird situation.

last year i hit both deductible and OOP max on Jan 3rd! Since the office would be closed on the 1st, we can only “improve” on that by one day I figure.

Dang! Planned out that way or an emergency?

scheduled visit. last one of 2021 was in early december so next is early feb. Last year for some reason it fell early Jan.

Back on topic - I appreciate Klayman posting the info and history. Someday i’ll have my own to post i guess.

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Clawed back $2,800 today from the FSA that apparently was just waiting for me to log in and click a button. Back into the bank account inside the day. #America


stonks r bad

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hoooo boy this year has been a real stinker for stonks

bond funds not doing great either

My net worth is down 14% this year, but the S&P is down 24%. Granted income has kept the net worth a bit higher. I’m still a fair amount out of the markets, and have a modest short Europe position. I have actually locked a decent amount of my portfolio into bonds (bills) thru year end. If inflation moves favorably there could be a bounce, but with more interest rates increases anticipated and US gas prices back up a bit plus Europe energy price problems, I’m staying on the sidelines. Think it will take a while for air inside our recently-popped giant asset bubble to come out.

I’m anticipating when the 10-yr Treasury bond will peak and then I think I want to pick up a couple hundred thousand of that maybe at different times.

Stonks r more bad