Zoom Schooling: Bad, Good, or Mixed

but how does that even work? would they have to force you to practice? it can get into abusive. not quitting 2nd grade is a tiny bit more important than piano lessons.

my sister was made to play. i’m not sure how my mother got her to practice since she wasn’t that into it. maybe she bribed her. don’t remember.

Yeah, “no TV until you’ve put in an hour practicing piano” is really all the motivation I would have needed.

if you’re begging them every day to quit, this can get draining to force you like this. in the end it would be at most a hobby, so why force it for a potential hobby? you obviously wasn’t going to be a professional musician when you hated it.

Eh, I hated doing scales and rinky-dink music, which I found boring. But I didn’t play the rinky-dink stuff well enough to advance to the interesting music.

also, an hour a day of forced piano playing on top of homework to watch tv is a lot.

30 minutes then, maybe every other day. However often/long I was supposed to be practicing, which I no longer recall.

of course upstairs neighbor’s kid plays for like 3 hours a day, but she’s abused.


what? she verbally abuses her kid. is this shocking?

It’s a little shocking. Mostly just sad.

Sure. Nothing i can do about it other than get annoyed. Hopefully when the kid is 18 she ditches her mother and wants nothing to do with her.


There’s no way learning to play piano is worth that.


@twig93, you likely answered this already, but what’s stopping you from taking piano lessons now as an adult if you wish your parents forced you as a kid?

yeah, it’s easier to learn as a kid, but you can still learn as an adult.

my mother partially got my sister and me piano lessons because she wishes she learned it. still not entirely sure why she didn’t go and get piano lessons at that point for herself too.

For a long time: time. Now: inertia.

I self-taught somewhat but I suck at sight-reading.

sounds like you can’t blame your parents if you cannot force yourself to do it now.

I’m not sure that comparing the value of my time now to the value of my time 40 years ago is a reasonable comparison. Especially since, as you correctly point out, it’s more time now than it would have been then for the same level of learning. And my time now is more valuable than my time then was.

still don’t think you can blame your parents when you were begging them to let you stop and you won’t do it now regardless of the time value of money or whatever.

kids should have some free will and piano just isn’t that important if your kid hates it that much after a year to beg to stop. had they forced you, you might have lingering anger issues now about being forced rather than blaming them for not making you do it.