Your gangster name (stolen from reddit)

Colour of your shirt + the last thing you drank.

I’m black hot chocolate. NGL, I like it.

Brown Alka Seltzer

Black Ice Water

Blue tea.

Doesn’t have quite the same menace as “Icepick” or “Knuckles”.

I heard he killed a guy.

Black Bigelow Salted Caramel Black Tea

Don’t mess with me, fool!

Black watch coffee

Well, my sweater is brown. My shirt underneath it is blue.

Blue Alka Seltzer sounds more like a draq queen name.

That…does not sound good.

I heard he did that Lufthansa heist too!!!

Why is there a “watch” in the middle?

I would also be Black Coffee… possibly Black Floral Coffee.

You know what, I’ll just be Café Noir, since mine was taken.

also black coffee

that isn’t gangster at all.

Black Water

Upgrading to Latte Noir now.

I did a “What’s your Star Wars name” once…
[First name] = [First 3 letters of your last name] + [First 2 letters of your first name]
[Last name] = [First 2 letters of your mother’s maiden name] + [First 3 letters of your birth city]
=> Thiti Mireg

Mine sounds disgusting - Gray Coffee

It’s a navy and green plaid flannel.

Flevi Welwa - that works