Your favorite Pilot pen


  • Custom 845
  • Custom 823
  • Custom 743
  • Justus 95
  • Falcon
  • Custom 742
  • Custom Heritage 912
  • Custom Heritage SE
  • Custom NS
  • Vanishing Point
  • Custom Heritage 92
  • Custom 74
  • Metropolitan
  • Elite 95S
  • Prera

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Pen 15.

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Also I apparently accidentally voted.

Which of those is a G-2? :smiley:

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When my kid was little, he was fascinated by the rotating display of fountain pens at Office Depot. But they got rid of it and, I think, all the pens.

I also came here to vote for the G2

G2 crew here as well.

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I haven’t tried the Metropolitan but I’m intrigued because it’s so inexpensive. Even 10 years ago it was difficult to find anything at that price point but with online shopping these days they’re everywhere.

I’m using a signo uniball 207. I used one once in a doctor’s office and thought, “My, that’s a nice pen,” so I took a picture of it and ordered it the very same day.

Am I missing out on life by not using the Pilot G2?

I first misread this as the fountain pen was rotating, not its display. I was trying to figure out how they got the fountain in the pen to rotate. That would be cool.

I’m not a pen snob, these are what my previous employer had on hand and I still have a couple. I’d rate them about 8/10, I guess.

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Me neither, but why write with a Bic when you can write with the comfort of a signo uni-ball…or Pilot G2? I’m making actuary money - some luxuries are worth it.

Thanks for the input. Time to go shopping…Costco website indicates that they have them in-warehouse.

Oh yes, I may not consider myself a snob, but if you try to give me a Bic for free it’s going in the trash. I guess my ‘level’ is I’m not going to spend $20 on a pen, but I’m not spending $0.20.


The good thing is that there is a level of good pens between the crap and the $20 (or a lot more). It’s harder to find the cheap Bic now because there are so many better choices.

  1. :judge:

I just need to know that I can find refills for an expensive pen, before I buy it
I think my father gave me a pen set when I got my first job. That was a few decades ago, and the blue one still works. I use it ONLY when a state required a colored (racist!) pen and does not allow a stamp or an electronic signature. Not for doodling or note-taking.

Costco run made…


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The annual one in New Haven.