Your favorite paper brand


  • Tomoe River
  • Rhodia
  • Clairefontaine
  • Maruman Mnemosyne
  • Leuchtturm1917
  • Apica
  • Original Crown Mill
  • Traveler’s
  • Kokuyo Campus

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I’m not sure I’ve ever used any of those brands.


I used hp recently but that’s not on the list :frowning:

wtf are paper brands

companies that sell paper of course

Dunder Mifflin


Obligatory: Dunder Mifflin

Never heard of a single one of those.

When I was in the Northwest I think most of my employers used Weyerhaeuser. I can’t recall what I’ve seen used other places, including my current location.

I’ve almost exclusively worked in offices big enough to where the admin team was filling the printer/copier. When I was an actuarial student I’d be in the office studying at random times and printing enough stuff, especially doing modules, that I filled the printer plenty during odd hours when there was no admin on hand.

But now… I’m not even sure where the paper is stored. :woman_shrugging:

I find that Tomoe River, at least the 52 gsm weight tends to be better for sheening inks and brings out more brightness in the color, and is better for medium and finer point nibs. Rhodia, I’ve tried the 80 gsm weight and you just can’t really write on it with anything smaller than a medium. I don’t have a lot of broad nib pens but I did try a Sailor 14kt broad and it wrote very smoothly on Rhodia.

Clairefontaine has a glossy surface that I haven’t gotten used to. I think it’s like 90 - 100 gsm but seems more absorbent than Rhodia and tolerates medium/fine point nibs better.

You people still using paper?

A4 ftw. I don’t know why A5 is more common. There isn’t enough space to really do anything on it.

Wtf is A5? Definitely not more common.

Letter size is common.

Google says they’re similar but not the same.

Well if you go to the paper store you will see A5 has more options as far as brands and weights go than A4. To get letter paper you’d probably have to get it elsewhere like Walmart.

That’s because you are in the US, and if you want paper that’s approximately the size of A4, you buy 8.5”x11”.

No idea what anything in this thread means other than Dunder Mifflin. They are my favorite as well.

What is a “letter store”?

I get my paper from Amazon, or Target. Any office supply store sells it as well.

No I mean US Ietter size and weighted paper which is used for printers but not writing.

You’re doing it all wrong. I’ll have my paper guy reach out to you. My envelope guy isn’t accepting new clients right now but I’ll figure something out. We also need to talk staplers and staple removers, I’m sure you’re way behind the curve on staple remover tech based on your comment above.

Who is your calligraphy coach? We’ll get through this, but March is gonna be busy. Let’s not even mention tape and tape dispensers until April, k?