You can't lose the Lula

Go Jair!!!

Wow. It’s the Brazilian version of 2016.

One massively corrupt person with a long history in politics and one megalomaniacal nut ball.

Sounds more like the Brazilian version of 2020?


Almost every one of Lula’s old lieutenants was convicted or heavily implicated in corruption scandals directly. Biden has never been directly implicated. Family members activities stink to high heaven, but not good ol’ Joe himself.

The entire Clinton machine stank of influence pedaling up one side and down the other.

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This isn’t remotely true.

So what charges were ever brought against Hillary, who was probably the most investigated person in the history of this country. Or do you believe she was corrupt because a megalomaniacal nut ball said he was going to lock her up.

Somewhere jaskent is crying

And now Brazil will lurch to far left policies after lurching to far right policies after the previous regieme change.

This is why I want the filibuster to stay in the Senate. Yes, it makes it ahrd to get some things done, but it also means that you don’t have massive policy changes on a 50.8% majority.


No that takes about a 35% minority with very effective voter suppression and some deaths on the supreme court.

Bolsonaro has been MIA since his defeat. Now we hear the alleged reason: he can’t wear pants