WTA suspends the holding of tournaments in China

The part that makes me think:

“While we now know where Peng is, I have serious doubts that she is free, safe, and not subject to censorship, coercion, and intimidation.”

Well, she is a regular, one in a billion Chinese citizen (as opposed to one of the elites running the country). Isn’t this how China works? Was the way China works cool when the WTA planned these events (the WTA Finals are planned to be held there until 2030)? cuz, money?


Performative outrage. They were cool with Chinese money while the government repressed and exploited the shit out of the Uyghurs, but now that it’s someone they could have (ab)used in marketing the sport for their own enrichment, now it’s a problem.


Yes, cuz money.

But, they are still doing a lot more than other profit seeking foreigners who will put up with anything in China to make a million. So I give them credit for that.

I’m sure the Chinese gov’t does its best to quash any information that is embarrassing. Still, I hope there is some sort of information underground there. Maybe some Chinese people figure out that the WTA tournament isn’t in China because people outside China think it’s okay for women to accuse powerful men of sexual abuse. That’s a positive.

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Let’s not pretend this is anything unique to the WTA. It’s always no big deal unless it happens to affect one’s own interests.

Oh, I don’t. The NBA is a prime example of it.