Working environment

I’m fortunate to work at a tech startup located in a fintech business incubator. Super high tech environment, shared coworking space. Not like they used to have 100 years ago. (Pictured here, Met Life):

I have a dual monitor setup, so it’s completely different.

I work from anywhere on a laptop. Kind of like MetLife from 100 years ago, but without the office or the people.

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Yeah, I’ve got dual monitor setup at my desk. It’s an open office (like Met Life 100 years ago)… but i’ve got headphones! to pretend I’m listening to something

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Lol. I use headphones as well and half the time forget to turn on a streaming service. Then when I do play music, I get rocking instead of working.

Though sometimes it’s a wtf moment with YouTube my mix. Really, I’m a Barbie girl by aqua?

Which leads to me googling aqua to see where they are. Turns out, still touring.

Allow me to introduce you to my friend, Doom Metal. Doom Metal, this is my friend thetermguy.

Your Doom Metal starter pack includes Black Sabbath, Electric Wizard, Sleep, Windhand, and Monolord. Take these with a side of Kyuss for 4 to 6 weeks, then get back to us.

You’re welcome.

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Here. I’ll get you started.

Electric Wizard - Funeralopolis

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Now I wonder how much has changed for y’all.

Wait, did this forum exist in January?

Home office. I’ve been into the office twice, after hours. Once to bring my computer home, once to move desks (the startup that sits beside me brought in coop students and wanted them to sit together, so they wanted my desk).

Otherwise, nothing’s changed. I’m bringing on a coop myself in January, not sure if they’re going to want to work in the office. if so, I may have to start going in again.

Yep, turned it on to coordinate with some conferences we were doing. Turned it off when the plague killed the conferences. Turned it back on again when the AO started it’s death throes.

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“coop” = “co-op” . . . what we call “an intern” in the US?

Where I’m from, “coop” is a place we keep chickens.

It’s a co-op. Lazy folks like me drop the hyphen, then have to explain it later.
I think it’s similar to an intern, but co-ops are paid placements for students still in school. I dunno if that’s what you call an intern.
UWaterloo’s degrees often have a co-op element. They do 4 months school, 4 months paid work (co-op) year round, for 5 years. That lands them a 4 year degree with 2 years experience. Actsci students there do this commonly. (our co-op is from UWaterloo, but not actsci).

It’s a cool way to do it, you end up in school some summers. Sounds bad, but summer on campus is the best time of the year.