With the price of eggs is so high

What should I do about a car covered with Trump stickers parked on the street in front of my house?

If relevant, it’s owned by the family across the street, which could at least park it in their driveway.
If relevant, I don’t have a firearm. If relevant, neighbor might.

Apologies in advance if starting this thread violates community norms, but the warning seems strange to me.


The “warning” is just the forum software indicating that your thread topic might MIGHT be similar to a thread that is already created and that you might consider posting there instead of creating a new topic.

As it is, the moderators do not condone nor support any encouragement of engaging in illegal activities.

But last I checked, sticking a banana in the tail pipe isn’t illegal.

Sugar is still cheap, if the gas tank isn’t locked, just saying.

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You could also add some new bumper stickers…

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Be careful of doorbell cameras.

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Be careful of dumbells’ cameras, too.

Could they park it on their side of the street?

You’re just going to ask them to move it. When that fails, cuz making libs cry is their goal, time to decorate the car with easily removable stuff (cuz they WANT to sue you for damaging their property) like rainbows and unicorns.

No. Because the street is only wide enough for about 3 cars across, parking is only allowed on one side of the street. Even then, if there’s traffic in both directions both drivers slow way down, or one even waits to go by the parked car.

Just rainbows, no unicorns. Maybe specifically rainbow flags. And NARAL and Joe Biden stickers.

In that case… meh. I take back my previous post.

good thing you said something, I was about to spend $100 on eggs to throw at this house on my street with that drives a trump car.

that is kinda lame that people might think its yours…

Those would be some pretty stupid people to make such an assumption.

Largest egg producer in the country reports incredibe increase in earnings:


We should protest the shareholders meeting, go to it and throw eggs at them. Oh, wait.

reminds of the time back in the 90’s where some local folks were protesting some of Celestial Seasons business practices by doing a Boulder version of a Boston Tea Party where they bought a whole bunch of Celestial Seasons tea and dumped it in the South Platte River.

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